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April 9, 2019: The Writing Life: Keep on Keeping On

One of my teachers as an undergraduate, Donald Murray, gave me a 3 by 8 piece of carboard paper – it said on it “Never a Day Without a Line.” It would be wrong of me to say that I have, over the years, adhered to this. Sometimes I’ve gone for long stretches where I’ve gotten a lot of writing done, and sometimes I’ve gone for long stretches where I’ve gotten no writing done.

Lately, I think since last November, I have made a concerted effort to write every day. First and foremost, and most importantly, even when (like a few minutes ago) I thought I had nothing to say, I went and turned on the computer and began typing. I have, in this way, done as Murray has suggested and written for surprised. The work that is unrehearsed really is the best.

Donald Murry
Donald Murray

Today, out of habit, I turned on the computer and set out to do what I said yesterday I would do today. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do, but I knew that if I was elsewhere, that I would not get anything done. I also knew that there was the likelihood that even though I was in front of the computer, I might not get anything done. An analogy can be made to fishing. If your line is in the water, you might catch something. Then again, you might not. However, if there is no line in the water, all that you might catch is a flying fish – and these are very rare.

I could not do much because I’d run out of toner in my printer. Pete has ordered more, but it may be a while before the shipment comes in. I did send email messages to the powers that be, in regard to the Gift of a Good Ride, and asked for numbers. I need to know how many Centered Riders there are out there and how many USIHC (Icelandic horse owner members) are out there. I also got some figures on the number of Back Country Horsemen of America. These numbers will comprise my marketing proposal – I will say that all these individuals are potential readers. I also got website information on two publishers, Storey Press and Sky Horse Press. I will revise my proposal and also send it to them.

As for the recycling book – Pete is going to assist me in reformatting what I have, and resubmitting it to The University of Alaska Press. I also now have a backup – I’ll send the proposal in its entirety to EpiCenter Press. It has changed owners, and I suspect that they try to entice proposal and book submitters to have them format and edit books, and for a fee. I say, to hell with that.

So tomorrow I hope to have the figures and get going on writing my new marketing synopsis.

I do not, at the day’s end, feel when working on marketing, the same as I do when I’ve written something – and this is my downfall. I’m now attempting to be an adult and biting hard on the bullet that is between my teeth. Like I said yesterday, I’m at the bottom of the ocean, with the whale shit. There is no place now to go but up.

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