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April 3, 2019: Reverse Logic

As I’m getting older, I am getting wiser. This is because I have more experiences to draw upon than when I was younger. This is the one benefit of getting older. I just have to keep it mind when things are not going my way.

Today, strength training. I had this amazing revelation. I am generally one, in working with the horses, to think what am I learning from them and how I might apply this to my relations with human beings? It does seem like it should be the other way around, but it is not. This is because I tend to have more of a rapport with animals than with people. Getting along, that’s the goal. What I’ve learned

from horses is the value, in all situations, of positive reinforcement. And yes, it also works with humans. There is, of course a neurological precedence for this, I think (for example) the neural synapses secret dopamine when horses and humans both are praised.

So, the other way around – today after I interacted with my strength trainer the question that came to mind was, what am I learning from him and how might I apply this to my relations with horses?

What brought this to mind was this – I originally signed up to do strength training because I wanted to see if I could discern more about the horse/human relationship as this related to strength training. I never really figured out much, except for the two things: the first being that there is a correspondence between capacity, the amount a human can life or a horse and carry, and competency, which is the ease at which they are able to do this. The second thing I learned is that when one becomes adept in executing a specific movement, they then own it.

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