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April 1, 2019: A Round Corner

Is there such a thing? Do circles have corners? Most likely not because a circle is an example of several cut corners. And here I am, attempting to extend the metaphor. It just isn’t possible to cut corners here because all the corners have been cut and are now circles.

The good weather continues. Agony, being inside this morning and working on my presentation on memory for the WEMT class. Doing this reminded me of being a kid and being in school on nice days – I could not then focus or concentrate. I actually had teachers hit me and rough me up in order to get my attention. This was usually math teachers.

Alys and Tyra don't cut corners

My vision was poor, and I could not see the numbers on the chalk board, so I contented myself by drawing on the paper covers of my books. Then wham, a blow to the side of the head. They might not get away with that now --- I don’t know what the dictates these days are for catholic schools. I could have fared worse. I think I know of some priests who most likely seduced some young boys. A nasty proposition all the way around.

Having surround sound is interesting in that I am now less apt to tune people out. I was, because of my failing hearing, doing this more and more. Saturday, at the clinic, I noticed during a presentation that the device was not working right, and that my response was to go internal. But then when I got it fixed, I better understood and was interested in what the speaker was saying.

Now I have a theory and this theory is that those who are hard (what an odd word) of hearing are more likely to come down with Alzheimer’s Disease because after finding it difficult to interact, they either give up, or minimize their degree of interaction.

I don’t know what this says about those who live alone and don’t interact with many people. I am now thinking of several individuals I know around here who live alone and are slightly wacked. They tend to grab onto a specific thought like a dog does a tug toy, and then refuse to let go. This is because there is nothing there to disturb their stream of consciousness.

Lately I’ve been around a lot of different people. This has been good for me. And having surround sound will undoubtedly have its benefits.

I sometimes think of what it would be like to be here without Pete. No fun at all. My contingency plan would be to move to Scotland and take the animals with me. Now I have never been to Scotland, but I think that the horses and dog and I would like it. Actually, my first choice would be Iceland, but I could not take the horses with me because no horses are permitted into the country. I suppose in a manner of speaking I could smuggle them in, by boat, in the dark of night. And once they were there no one would notice because they’d be with their kind.

Just the sort of idle conjectures one makes when they have no more corners to cut.

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