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March 30, 2019: Packing Clinic, Day #1

I got up this morning – Pete left for the packing clinic at the Saddle Up Arena – and I did the chores. Oh my, it was like something out of Dr. Suess. I’d left the dog out before I let the goats out – and I let Tyra out before I knew the dog and the goats were out. Well, I’m pen cleaning and then out of the corner of my eye I see Ryder chasing Stormy, and Tyra chasing Ryder, and Ranger chasing Tyra, and Tinni ambling along behind. I got the animals back in their places in reverse order.

Everything has to be done right around here, or else.

I left for the clinic – I was late. I wasn’t that enthused about attending because I have so much to do, a lot of which is trip

Riding in the San Luis Valley

related. But once I was there, I had a decided change of attitude. It did help that the sun was shining brightly and that it was not unbearably cold. And it did help that everyone who was attending was down to earth and friendly. And it did help that this (unlike many horsey gatherings) was non-competitive. And it did help that Pete was playing a major role.

I met up with a neighbor, Kathleen, and together we did a talk/presentation. She first gave a slide presentation on the Leave No Trace principles and then I conducted a hands-on collaborative activity, where the participants first had to get in groups and figure out how they’d explain on of the seven Leave No Trace principles to a group of scouts. Then we all reconvened and they gave a summation to the larger group as a whole. I think it went well. I am of the mind that talking at people is not the way to go. It is far better to encourage people to provide their own insights to the group as a whole.

In the afternoon I talked with Gregory who owns Saddle Up Arena and proposed that in the fall I spend three days a week there, working on various projects and perhaps teaching Centered Riding. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get going on building a conference center so that I, and others interested in doing body awareness work, can do what we do so well.

The fall would be the time and place, that is if I’m to teach what I for the past five years I’ve been studying so hard. We’ll see. Life has a way of throwing in twists and turns and so it’s not so wise to plan things too far in advance.

We got the ponies out when we got home. The team work continues. Tyra did amazingly well – I get the sense that she really likes learning new things when under saddle. We were heading for home when I had this idea, which was that Pete ride Tyra and pony Hrimmi. He usually rides Raudi and ponies Hrimmi. We both were surprised and pleased to see Hrimmi enjoy being with Tyra. Now, I do think that Raudi has done a good job teaching Hrimmi, but Hrimmi welcomed being ponied by a horse that was not telling her what to do. Anyhow, this gave us another option.

I next am going to work with Ryder on jumping up onto a saddle and being ridden in this fashion.

Always, so much to do around here.

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