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March 29, 2019: Two Horses Pulling the Cart

The analogy seems to be most apt around here. Pete and I are both pulling this cart that would twice as heavy if only one or the other of us was pulling it. He pulls hard and I dance around like a prima donna. Once in a while I’ll get a wild hair up my butt and will also pull hard.

This morning I went to woman’s self-defense class. Pete stayed put and met with Zach Kaiser, our veterinarian. Zach did exams (which included taking vitals) and administered vaccines. He’ll be back two-three more times before we head with horses to the Lower 48. Tyra and Hrimmi both are going to need to have their teeth rasped. I could have predicted this. And Pete said that Zach was really pleased

Ice horses at the Fairbanks Ice Festival

with Tinni’s eye. A year ago he did an eyelid tuck. It healed nicely and after six months it stopped tearing up. All I can think is that the under turned lid must have been painful.

I got home and Pete was in the kitchen, vacuum packing our dehydrated trip food. This was the project that needed most to be done in advance. I ate lunch and then went outside and cleaned the horse pen. The poop that was under the snow is now surfacing, so I am raking it up.

As I was working away, Josh, our farrier, showed up. I had Tyra tied up at the hitching post. Josh and I were soon joined by Pete who does our trimming in between visits from Josh. The pair talked some about hoof particulars – then, as always, talked about other things. Josh is running these days. I didn’t get a chance to tell him that I’m also running and perhaps because I got new shoes, my hip is no longer hurting. We’ll see tomorrow. I have been running a mile every other day.

After Josh left, Pete and I went for a ride. The horses now have summer trail names, as befitting their characters. Raudi is Meals on Wheels (because she so loves to eat), Hrimmi is Chuck Wagon (because she’s the pack horse), and Tyra is Gravy Train because she’s going to become famous and bring in the big bucks. Pete said that we should call her Shirt Tails, because she’s riding on the shirt tails of Raudi, the number one riding horse.

Bill Schmidtkunz showed up to get the manure; in fact, he passed us on the road and was pulling out when we got back home. We talked with him at the base of the driveway for a bit. Too busy to come in for a cup of tea or dinner. His loss, our gain because our compost station and the hoop house mound are full.

I went for a ride on Raudi once we got back and ponied Tinni. This was around the loop.

Tomorrow – there is the BCHA Packing clinic. I won’t stay all day. Pete will. I would much prefer to come home and take care of things here – this is my way of assisting in pulling the cart.

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