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March 27, 2019: Hurry Up, Come Quick, Make Haste, Skidaddle

I received an email from my very good friend Fran Bundtzen this morning – she said that she’s been reading my dispatches and that it seems like we are really busy around her. I wanted to email her back and say that she doesn’t know the half of it because I have not been writing about all we are doing. But I was too busy to respond.

This morning I first rode Raudi and ponied Tinni, and then I rode Raudi again and ponied Hrimmi. Then I took Tyra for a walk. All the horses did really well. Raudi, who maintained a steady pace, was the most impressive.

Next was strength training. Did just fine, am now dead lifting 125 pounds, more than my body weight – my coach is impressed. Coach Ben said that he is going to make a special program for Pete and me to follow on our trip because we are sure to lose strength. Maybe we’ll surprise him.

After my workout, I went upstairs to the shoe store and purchased a new pair of running shoes. These are like my other shoes but have a bit more cushioning. Right now I can’t run because my hip is bothering me. Grr, grr, grr and more grr.

Alys and Tyra in the melting arena

Yoga class followed. I was tired from strength training, so I did not do as well as I’d like. Always fun though, to watch the puppies who have so much energy interact with one another. They pay me no mind, which is a good thing. And the good news is that I will be able to make up the class I am going to miss on April 10th, when I participate in the mock EMT rescue/scenario.

I took Ryder with me and took her for a walk in between strength training and yoga.

And the WEMT class went just fine. We had a guest speaker, Marty, a woman who teaches childbirth classes. She did a wonderful job – her imagistic demonstration items included a pelvis, a doll, a sweater type uterus and a placenta.

Home again, home again, the drive was such that I had just enough light to feel comfortable driving. Not enough light to clean the horse pen without a headlight – maybe after class next week.

Tomorrow night I am going to talk about memory and body awareness in WEMT class – I am going to use her as a segue into my own presentation by talking about how Marty had presence.

Doing it all is now a lot easier because, as I said yesterday, it’s warmer and the synovial fluid is less vicious. With warmth also comes a psychological edge. Warmth feels good. Nose and finger nip don’t feel as good. I don’t like wearing gloves.

This weekend we’ll be participating in the BCHA packing clinic. A good thing because we’ll then focus more on our own related activities, this including getting our pack to fit Hrimmi.

My main job now entails making sure the horses get their exercise and educating them to work as a team. Hurry, hurry, step right up.

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