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January 8, 2013: A Conversation with Raudi: Just an Idea

The following conversation took place with Raudi, on a walk around our loop.
Alys: Raudi, slow down. I can’t run in these boots.
Raudi: That heavy suit isn’t helping you either.
A: No it’s not. Wish I had a coat like yours.
R: Mine is a good coat. It both fits me and keeps me warm.
A: You’re feeling your oats.
R: As Tyra says, oats are good, oats are great. Thank you god for putting them on my plate.
A: She tends to pray a lot, doesn’t she?
R: I say, no need for it. But she is who she is.
A: Hey, this morning I had idea.

Frosty Raudi
Frosty Raudi

R: What’s new, you have ideas all the time.
A: Some are better than others.
R: Is this a good one? If not, maybe you should keep it to yourself.
A: I was thinking that maybe after our summer trip, that you, me, and Tyra might winter over in Bellingham, WA where Tyra used to live.
R: Tyra would like that. I would not.
A: Why’s that?
R: Tyra was really fond of her former owners. You did not mention Hrimmi, I suspect you’d bring her home.
A: Yes, she’d have to come home in order to keep Tinni company.
R: Nope. You can stay with Tyra in Washington, but I do not want to part company with Hrimmi.
A: Not even for a winter?
R: Nope.
A: Would you rather be here?
R: Yes, with Hrimmi. Or leave Hrimmi with me and Tyra in Washington.
A: And what about Tinni?
R: He needs to be with us.
A: Oh.
R: Oh is right. And what about Pete, your man?
A: He’d remain here and take care of Hrimmi and Tinni.
R: Bad idea.
A: You think so?
R: Yes, didn’t you hear me? I said bad idea.
A: But you and Tyra would have pasturage. And the winter would not be as harsh as it is here.
R: Uh uh. I think we need to stick with the original plan. Tinni stays with your friend Terri for the summer. The goats spend the summer with your friend Chelsea. Your friend Bill can take the chickens. We mares, you and Pete will do a trip and return home together.
A: Do you even want to do another trip?
R: I’ve given a lot of thought to this matter. Losing Mr. Siggi was hard on us all, but especially me since we were so close. But I enjoyed all of the first trip that we did. You know, I’m going to be 16 in April and am thinking my years are numbered.
A: Come on, you’ll be in your prime.
R: Yes, this summer. But after that it will be all uphill.
A: Don’t you mean to say downhill?
R: No. Downhill is easy. Future trips will become increasingly more difficult. The same for yourself. You aren’t a spring chicken.
A: What’s a spring chicken?
R: What you aren’t.
A: Geez, you haven’t minced words tonight.
R: Nope. Every so often I have to put you in your place.
A: Which is?
R: Right here, front and center.

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