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March 20, 2019: A Conversation with Tinni

This conversation took place on our daily outing, today a walk around the neighborhood loop.

Alys: Tinni, we both have to be careful today – the road is still icy.
Tinni: Yesterday you put boots on me. Why not today?
A: Because I’m in a hurry.
T: Why are you in a hurry?
A: Places to go, people to see.
T: So you aren’t getting the mares out today?
A: Most likely not.
T: They’re going to be very disappointed. They so enjoy horsey home schooling, especially Tyra. Well, Hrimmi enjoys it too.
A: And Raudi?
T: Not so much. She most enjoys getting out on the trail.
A: And how does she feel about ponying other horses?
T: She likes it. She likes having another horse along. She gets anxious and/or bored when she goes out by herself.
A: This is good to hear because she’s going to be ponying Hrimmi this summer, and a long ways at that.
T: Where are you going?
A: To Southern Wyoming.
T: And you’re taking all the mares?
A: Yes.
T: And what about me?

Tinni with Kids

A: You’re going to spend the summer at Terri Mielke’s place. She has grandkids. They’re going to dote on you.
T: Been there, done that.
A: You okay with this?
T: You’re not going to leave me there are you?
A: Tinni, of course. I can’t imagine you being any other place but here when I’m here.
T: Good, good.
A: In fact I’m already dreading parting company with you. You are my favorite horse.
T: I’ve heard you say this to every one of us at one time or another.
A: True. I play favorites.
A: Tinni, I love you so much.
T: If you love me, you’ll up the number of treats that you’ve been giving me each day.
A: Food and love are unrelated.
T: Perhaps if you are human. Not so if you are a horse. The two go hand-in-hand.
A: I’ll keep this in mind.
T: And be sure to tell Terri this before you drop me off at her place.
A: You’re first going to Deb Moore’s place. She’s going to have preschoolers’ horsey play day. I volunteered you services. Terri will take you home with her at the day’s end.
T: No! You didn’t decide to do this.
A: I did.
T: The next time you arrange to do something like this, consult with me first.
A: Sorry. You are right. I should have asked you what you though beforehand.
T: I’d like for Hrimmi to come with us. She likes kids. This would be good for her. And I so enjoy her company. She’s a very mellow individual.
A: I’ll ask Deb if this is okay.
T: No, just take us both along.
A: This is an instance in which you do what you do then ask permission after?
T: Yeah, it’s something like that.
A: Look out. There’s an icy stretch right ahead of us.
T: (Walking over it) Not bad, not bad.
A: Today’s the first day of spring.
T: Good, good. The only problem is that I still have my winter coat on. I’m so itchy.
A: It’s coming out fast.
T: And yes, the days are long again.
A: Yes, yes, the days are again long.

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