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March 19, 2019: The End of Spring Break

Spring break ends for Pete and me tomorrow. I don’t teach, and I’m not a full-time student, so this ought not to matter. But it does because Pete and I are joined at the hip. I also am taking the Wilderness First Responder Course, sitting in on the Wilderness EMT, and taking an hour-a-week yoga class. I freely admit that I bit off more than I could chew last January.

As I have often written, I am happiest on days, like today, when I don’t have to go anywhere. And I’m even more happy when Pete’s here, this as opposed to his being at work. This break he’s been working in the mornings on his chainsaw book. After five

years of on and off work on it, he’s now on it. Every so often he attempts to fill me on what’s he’s working on.

He told me this morning, in passing, about this guy who was on a ladder leaning against a tree. A dog came and knocked down the ladder, and he and chainsaw went flying. The chainsaw hit his wife, who died. Imagine that chain of events. He also said that if I wanted to, I could go on YouTube and watch some chainsaw videos. I said no thank you. Watching the EMT hospital videos was enough for me. I also noticed that Pete was reading (on the computer screen) the Center for Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Report. Yep, very uplifting stuff. Nope, not for me.

Pete’s book is for those interested in learning more about handling a chainsaw safely. Me, I’m keeping my distance and staying away from those who are using them. I do not want to put my hard-earned Wilderness First Responder training to the test by dealing with a blood bath.

So in the mornings during this spring break, Pete’s been working on this book. And I’ve been upstairs, working on my essay on Keeping a Yoga 101 journal. I’m now closing in on it – the conceptual, thematic, and chronological issues have been resolved. And, a stroke of very good luck has occurred, if you want to call it that. I had previously went to what I thought was the website of Writing on the Edge ,a journal that publishes articles on the composing process of writers. It then appeared to me that WOE was no longer being published. Last night I went back and, in looking at yet another website, realized that I’d erred. Much to my great joy and delight, I discovered that WOE is still taking and publishing a print magazine.

My article is perfect for them. I can’t think of a more fitting publication. I’d be surprised if they don’t take it. Hopes are high and going to remain high on this one.

I would not have gotten as far as I’ve gotten this break on this particular project had I not made a concerted effort to stay at home. I should get a tee-shirt that reads: Short Commutes Save Time.

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