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March 17, 2019: Tolting the Divide III: Two months and Counting

We’ll be pulling out of here, three badass mares in tow, on May 15th,which is a little less than two months away. It is hard to imagine because we still have snow on the ground and on all the sheds. But, because we know that time goes by fast, we are now working on travel plans.

Yesterday, as we drove to Anchorage, I began listing back and forth. I first made a general list of things to do on the back of an envelope. Then I made another list in which I put the things to do in two categories – home stuff, horse stuff. Then I went and put the things to do on the calendar. Today I wrote out the second list on the inside kitchen cabinet door, and under it I left a space for the day’s tasks, under the names A and P.

Pete riding Siggi and ponying Signy
Pete riding Siggi and ponying Signy

Pete doesn’t rely much on lists at all. He just prioritizes as he goes along. I am not as adept at doing this as he is, especially when two horses are pulling the cart, hence my new plan.

We just have so much to do between now and then – I’m worried that we’ll leave out something important, which will mean we’ll have to cancel our plans. So, dear Pete is just going to have to humor me along. Either that or we’ll just have to figure out how to pull our respective sides of the cart.

But, things are happening. Today Bethany, who came over the other day, agreed to be our house-sitter. She’s a very competent individual and a gardener. And she might take on the goats if I can’t find them a summer home. And Pete is both working on the pack saddle and starting to figure out meal planning.

We are first going to Cheyenne, Wyoming and having CJ and Dave, the owners of Synergist Saddles, give us an assist with Tyra’s saddle, which doesn’t quite fit, and also an assist with Hrimmi’s pack saddle, which also doesn’t quite fit. We’re looking to start our trip near their place in Encampment, Wyoming. We are planning on getting a hold of someone in the Wyoming BCHA and having them provide us with trail particulars.

Me, I’m continuing to do horsey home schooling. I first ponied Tinni off Raudi – she stopped and backed the one time I dropped the line. Then Pete rode Raudi and ponied Hrimmi and I rode Tyra, down to the turnoff.

My sense is that our three mares are ready and up for a trip. Going with the three, who all know one another, is of course a matter of happenstance. But this is going to bode well for us all because they’re all herd mates, and as such, they will just naturally work as a team.

It’s fun working with them and see how they interact during our education rides. Raudi, the tail swisher, thinks she’s keeping Hrimmi in line. Hrimmi, who is a silent leader, just goes with the program. And Tyra, either out front or behind, is now both attempting to assert her independence and at the same time, be a good herd member. Today she did the best she’s done yet, walking down road, fast and slow, doing serpentines, and maintaining her position, both in front of and behind Raudi and Hrimmi.

I have the sense that things are, as they should, coming together. This is so exciting – another dream come true.

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