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March 11, 2019: The Couch Potato Speaks

We have a real extreme of individuals in the hood in terms of athleticism. Most are deadbeats who never get out and exercise. We often see them pass by, on snowmobiles, four wheelers, and in cars. We have got them trained, most now slow down when they see us out on horseback. I grind their cigarette butts into the ground and recycle their cola cans.

We also have a few hard core individualists who live fairly adventurous lives. For example, Frederick and his wife Nancy or should I say Nancy and her husband Frederick routinely do wilderness treks and are avid skiers. And our other neighbors, Kirby and Aubrey, spend a lot of time outdoors, skiing, bicycling, and canoeing with their two young children.

Kirby at Rainy Pass Lodge

This past week Aubrey went to California with the kids and Kirby took it upon himself to bicycle from Willow (the start of the Iditarod) to McGrath, a trek of about 300 miles that took him five days. We took care of their dog Arkose in their absence. Today Kirby returned and retrieved Arkose.

I was the first person that Kirby spoke to at length about his ride. It all went well. He likened his adventure to being in a hamster bubble – there was, he said, lots going on outside this bubble, what with snowmachiners, Iditarod mushers, and hunters also on the trail. He managed to beat the storm that rolled in behind him at Rainy Pass and found the trail for the most part to be rideable.

As I listened to him I grew more and more envious because this is something that I’d like to do. Unlike Kirby, I would want to do this with another person, someone who is fit and competent. There we would be, out there on our fat tired bicycles, picking up dog booties and other detritus the dog mushers left behind.

Such things always loom as distinct possibilities. But given that we have horses and they are confined on a small acreage, this most likely will not happen. I’d have been even more envious in hearing Kirby’s story, but then we do have a forthcoming trip.

Trip plans are materializing. Our day began with our putting in an order with Outfitter’s Supply. This order is going to include a new highline rope, another knot eliminator a saw, and a few more books. Pete also ordered some maps and they arrived today. We are considering doing a portion of the Continental Divide Trail, starting in Wyoming and working our way south. I like this idea though I’d rather head north. I have to content myself with doing the route that’s most favorable to Pete (which is okay) because if something goes awry I’ll be later be told that he did not think this to be the best choice.

I did take Tinni for a walk, but did not get the other horses out today. It was blustery and both doing indoor chores and listening to Kirby’s stories took up valuable time. It’s a good thing that adventuring and storytelling are synonymous terms.

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