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March 9, 2019: Tolting the Divide III: Team Tyra

Those enrolled in my Horsey Homeschooling program are now being prepared to take on a rather big challenge, which is why the program emphasis has changed some. Pete and I are preparing Raudi, Hrimmi, and Tyra for their big adventure by impressing upon them that they’re not just herd mates but also teammates.

Yesterday, we took all three on an outing on the road. And today we again did the same. We didn’t go far but instead focused on getting them to think in unison.

The roads are now icy, not slick, but more rotty. So today we put their studded boots on before setting out. Both Pete and I agreed that ice shoes are preferable to winter/spring conditions for there was a bit of slipping around. However, the unstable conditions were fortuitous for the ponies had to focus on the task at hand.

Raudi is clearly the team leader and Hrimmi (our pack horse) defers to her. A blink of an eye, a twitch of an ear, a swish of a tail, it all means you better behave or else. We don’t know how Raudi will go about acting upon this threat – and fortunately, Hrimmi does not want to find out.

Raudi on her first trip
Ruadi on her first trip

Interestingly enough, Tyra has taken it upon herself to be in the lead. She moves at a good pace – she’s a little erratic because she does not have the miles under her girth that Raudi or even Hrimmi have. However, she listens to me, and when I ask her to speed up or slow down, she does so in a ready fashion. I’m having her alternate walking and trotting – this is pretty much of her own volition right now. I know from having been Raudi and Hrimmi’s first rider that consistency in gaits comes with age. She has been tolting some, and also doing quite a bit of Panther Walk.

Team building – today I decided to call us Team Tyra. First of all, this sounds good. And secondly, this moniker will bolster Tyra’s confidence out on the trail. I’d been thinking some of the importance of team names – this came to mind when Edmund, one of the members of my WEMT group, first said that the name of our team was Digital Trauma, then wrote this on a piece of tape which he put on the group first aid bag. No, I don’t get the joke – I’m sure it has something to do with social media – but no matter – it in an odd way brought us closer together, in the same way that Team Tyra is going to bring us closer together.

Tyra’s name means spark or glimmer and so her name, combined with the word Team, suggests that we horses and humans are light bearers.

The horse portion of our team is now comprised of four very different individuals. Raudi is the willful leader, Hrimmi is the steady eddy companion, and Tyra is the very intelligent and enthusiastic upstart. Oh yes, and there is Ryder the dog who keeps an eye on us all.

I am so glad that we are not dealing with any animal-related unknowns. Doing a trip with a team of individuals who eat, sleep, and poop together will reduce the likelihood of there being any horsey disagreements or run-offs.

Way fun, trip planning.

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