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March 4, 2019: Heaven

I think a lot about heaven. And I do believe such a place exists. Sometimes I see the light streaming through the clouds and I think – it’s right above the clouds. Sometimes I see this light from the ground and sometimes when I’m in an airplane. That’s why I always request a window seat. And sometimes, when I’m in that plane, I think that there are just two plastic panels separating me from eternal life. Then I get to thinking that it’s life and death’s greatest unfairness that we have to die to get to heaven, and of course that death is a very painful and uncertain process. If we knew what was to become of our souls, we’d be a little less apprehensive about this. Well, we have some idea of what becomes of our bodies, which makes us a little more apprehensive about this. Life and death is a no win situation.

I have bought into the heaven-like clichés, that is the pearly gates, the apostle with the big book, the long line, the angels – and though I know these are clichés, I am okay with them.

I have my own ideas as to what Heaven is like.

It’s a place where we are reminded of our past. Shortly upon

entering, the newcomers are taken to a huge building, and then past a series of rooms, to a room with our name above the door. We are then invited to enter. In this room is every single thing we’ve ever eaten and drank. These goods are in bushel baskets, refrigerators, and cupboards.

For some people, this room is an eye opener in terms of what exactly they consumed. And for others, like me, it’s an eye opener in that there is just so much there. You only see this room once. I do not know what becomes of the contents. In heaven you don’t have any desire to eat, so it is not again consumed.

Most likely these edibles are just a figment of our imaginations, meaning everything we eat registers on our subconscious, and that memory of all the delectable and none delectable appear in that room. This gives more credence to the phrase, you are what you eat. And additionally, it give credence to the phrase, you are what you drink.

I understand that, to a certain degree that heaven is a place of our own making, no matter where we are. The only difference is that our earthly larder contains what we are going to consume rather than what we have consumed. Sad to say, some have little food in their larder, and some don’t even have a larder. For this reason, these individuals have a hard time envisioning heaven being on earth.

There is the inverse of heaven, which is hell. There is no imagined food cache there; however, there are puddles of hot sauce just about everywhere. I can’t imagine this, so because in my mind there is no hell, there is no hell there, nor is there any hell here.

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