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March 3, 2019: A Conversation with Tyra

The following conversation took place with Tyra on a short ride – we went around the mile residential loop. We were accompanied by Pete who was walking Tinni and Ryder.

Tyra: It feels good to get out.
Alys: Yes, and spring is in the air.
T: Sort of.
A: It wasn’t that cold last night.
T: How do you know?
A: I put my hand on the bedroom window, and this way I get a sense of how cold it is outside.
T: You don’t say!
A: I do say.
T: What’s that sound I’m hearing?
A: Snowmobilers.

Pete and Tyra

T: How come the machines are so loud?
A: Because they like them this way.
T: But then I can’t hear the birds.
A: Or anything else for that matter.
T: You human beings are a strange lot.
A: I agree.
T: You’d think that humans would like solitude.
A: You’d think.
T: I feel good.
A: And you look good, too.
T: Yes, you brushed out my mane and tail. This is a sure sign of spring.
A: I don’t do this in the winter because the Cowboy Magic freezes up.
T: Tangled, but not dirty.
A: This is because I keep the pen clean.
T: Are we really going on a long trip this summer?
A: Yes we are.
T: To where?
A: Well, first we’re going to Wyoming so that we can get your saddle properly fitted to you.
T: How come it doesn’t fit?
A: I think that you put on weight since December, and so it now sits more on top of you.
T: That’s not weight honey, that’s muscle.
A: Okay, so you put on muscle.
T: What if my back again changes on the trip?
A: I don’t think it’s going to.
T: Are you good at predicting the future?
A: Yes, when it comes to saddles and saddle fit.
T: So, where are we going after we get my saddle fitted?
A: Right now that’s up in the air.
T: I don’t see anything in the air.
A: That’s an expression. It means we don’t know right now where we are going.
T: But Hrimmi and Raudi are coming with?
A: Yes.
T: And what about Tinni?
A: He’s going to stay with our friend Terri. She has grandkids and they will dote on Mr. T.
T: He’ll like that.
A: Speaking of which, I would like to know why you are picking on him. I’m worried that you are going to hurt him.
T: I am trying to encourage him to move around more.
A: He does not need that sort of encouragement. Please, please, leave him alone.
T: I can’t promise anything.
A: This is a side of you I am not enjoying seeing.
T: Want to see another side? Look at me from left of center. Aren’t I the most beautiful mare you’ve ever seen?
A: I think Raudi has you beat.
T: Raudi, huh. Her back does not compare to mine.
A: Take a look by the summer’s end.
T: We’ll see.
A: Yes, we will then see.

62. 3/4/19: Heaven

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