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February 28, 2019: A Conversation with Raudi

The following conversation took place this evening, as I was doing the evening chores. It was one that was long overdue.

Alys: Raudi, I’d like to have a few words with you.
Raudi: Just a few. I need to eat. These other two hoovers are moving a bit too quick for me.
A: Today’s ride. I want to talk about today’s ride.
R: Which ride?
A: That’s right, there were two rides.
R: We first ponied Tinni.
A: And then we ponied Hrimmi.
R: Right. We first went around the loop.
A: And then we went to the Murphy Road turnaround.

Raudi walks herself through the fun noodles
Raudi walks herself through the fun noodles

R: Good outings.
A: The first, you alerted and then did a spin around.
R: But you stayed in the saddle.
A: What did you see?
R: Something, someone was moving, by the dome place.
A: And?
R: I was trying to tell you we needed to turn around.
A: But I got you going.
R: Danger was then gone.
A: Who are you protecting when you do such things?
R: Me first. Then you.
A: All right – the second ride.
R: To the turnaround, with Hrimmi.
A: Yes. You were so forward that I finally decided to get on you and ride.
R: This was the right thing to do. I was by now warmed up and ready to go.
A: Apparently. Do you enjoy ponying other horses?
R: Yes. It’s like this. We all have our likes and dislikes. Hrimmi most enjoys being out front – she wants to be a cart horse. And Tinni, he enjoys short rides. As for Tyra, the jury is still out, but she likes the agility stuff. Me, I like ponying the youngers.
A: I realized that today. You did so amazingly well with Hrimmi.
R: That’s right. She stops and then you ask me nicely to whoa and back. She will move if I am the one who releases the pressure.
A: Why is this?
R: Because this is an instance in which she sees me as the one in charge. After Signy passed, I became her surrogate dam. She defers to me in most instances and ponying is no exception.
A: And so?
R: Just let me do my job. I’ll keep her moving.
A: Why does she stop so often?
R: Because she is l-a-z-y. She thinks she should decide when and when not to move out.
A: And you are going to change this particular belief system?
R: Yes. You can’t do this.
A: Why not?
R: Because she’s a horse, and as such in this particular instance she is most willing to take orders from another horse.
A: I am worried about this upcoming long trip. I’m wondering if she’s going to be able to pull her weight.
R: She’s going to be a packhorse, right?
A: Yes.
R: Well, she won’t be pulling her weight. Rather she’s going to be carrying it. If you don’t overload her she will do just fine.
A: And I have no doubts about you. You are finally the horse I always wished I had.
R: It’s taken a while, but finally, I have got you trained.

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