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February 15, 2019: Return of Brrrrrrrrrrrr or The Iceman Cometh

The last few days have been colder. Usually, right about this time we have what I call a February freeze. I who have been patient in the months preceding this late winter freeze, generally find myself being impatient. The hardest thing of all for me to deal with is hand warmth. I do as much as I can without gloves – that is fine motor activities such as putting on and taking off halters.

Yesterday I used index cards with the obstacle instructions written on them. This was when I was doing agility. The February courses, which are the Advanced and Advanced 1-Star, are tricky. There are just five obstacles and horse and handler have to do them twice. I have two sets of

Tyra chasing the flag
Tyra chasing the flag

directives, one for Tyra (Advanced) and one for Raudi and Hrimmi (1-Star), which is twenty obstacles total, or four rounds of five.

The notecard method works just fine although I’m looking forward to Tyra’s being in the Advanced 1-Star class because then I won’t have as many directives to memorize.

I discovered that I could not flip through the notecards and keep my hands warm. I did it, but towards the end today, in working with Hrimmi, I got impatient with the situation.

I always, during the February deep freeze, give serious thought to moving. I most often think about moving to northern New Mexico where I would not have to wear gloves eight months of the year.

But, I remain here because (today) of the incredible sunsets and the fact that the area we live in is relatively unpeopled. I took Tinni for a walk at about 5:30 p.m. and the sun was low in the sky and the skyline was yellow, orange, and pink. And the moon was hanging low like a Christmas tree ornament, pale yellow against a bright blue background. It was absolutely breathtaking. And I didn’t see a soul, which was just fine with me.

Would it be this way in New Mexico in the winter? Numerous people have left this area for there, and the reports are that it’s quite nice at this time of year. The key words here are “numerous people.” I can always come inside and put on warm gloves, which are those that have been sitting on top of the horse water pots on the woodstove. However, it’s much harder dealing with people who once they are rooted are immovable.

The governor’s budget cuts are going to reduce the state population considerably. The problem is that the croutons will stay put and the intelligentsia will leave. I consider us to be in the latter category so this will have an adverse effect on our lives.

This is the way I get to thinking at this time of year. But we are, I tell myself, on the flip side of winter. The days are longer now, and I am most happy about this. I can stay out later, and if I drop them, I can easily find my gloves.

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