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February 10, 2019: What’s In a Name? A Conversation with the Horses

The following conversation took place in the enclosure, as I was pen cleaning. All four mares and Tinni were participants.

Alys: What do you all think about me changing my name to Sunshine.
Raudi: Aye
Tinni: Aye
Hrimfara: Aye
Tyra: No.
A: Why?
T: Because it’s a matter that deserves more thought.
A: How so?
T: If you change your name, you’ll change your identify.
A: Why would it matter to you?
R: It would not. You feed us, you take us for rides, you clean up our poop.

Jackie's painting The New Crow  November 2018
Jackie's painting The New Crow November 2018

H: And you entertain us.
T: Can’t sing though.
R: If you were Sunshine, you might smile more.
H: And if you smiled more, you’d be more relaxed.
Tinni: Would make for a better ride.
A: But really, what is in a name?
H: My name is Hrimfara fra Lough Arrow II. The English translation of my Icelandic name is Frosty Traveler. My last name is the name of my breeder, Andrea Brodie’s second farm. I was conceived the day before Pete and Alys’s first pack trip.
Tinni: My name is Tinni fra Hellistandi. The English translation of my Icelandic name is Coal or Obsidian. My last name is the name of the farm where I was born. It’s in Iceland.
R: My name is Raudhetta fra Alaskastadir. The English translation of Icelandic name is Little Red Riding Hood. My last name is where I came from, a place in Alaska, Chugiak to be exact.
Tyra: I have the best name of all. I’m Tyra fra Tuskast. The English translation of my Icelandic name is Spark or Glimmer. My last name is where I come from, Tuskast Farm in British Columbia, Canada. This is the best part of all. The English translation of my dam, Tinna’s name means Coal or Obsidian. And the English translation of my sire, Tindur’s name means Kindling. My name indicates that I am meant to set the world on fire.
Tinni: Good thing you don’t have thumbs, otherwise we’d have to keep matches away from you.
H: I think that Tyra’s name has something to do with her coat color. She’s dark red with a blood red mane and tail.
R: Very chestnut.
Tinni: And so full of herself.
Tyra: Look who’s calling the kettle black?
H: Where does she come up with these things?
R: The crows.
Tinni: Yes, the damnable crows, making all that noise.
H: The crows aren’t nearly as bad as the snowmachines.
R: Nasty contraptions.
Tyra: I’m not afraid of them.
Tinni: No one said you were.
A: I think we’ve gotten off subject here.
Tinni: What was it we were talking about?
H: Names.
A: Yes, names. I wanted to know what you all thought about me changing my name to Sunshine Culhane
R: We took a vote, all except Tyra said aye.
Tyra: Still not convinced it’s a good idea.
Tinni: What does Ryder (the dog) think?
A: Said no.
Tinni: And the goats?
A: Said no.
Tinni: And the chickens?
A Said no.
Tinni: And Pete?
A: He hasn’t said anything about this.
R: But he’s always calling you Sunshine.
Tyra: Keep it as a nickname, and use your other name the rest of the time.
A: Yes, it appears as though this is what I am going to have to do.

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