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December 31, 2019: Goodbye to the Old Year

I said yesterday that the only drawback to idea days is that ideas take so long to enact. Today a good example reared its curious head. I thought yesterday, after taking a look at the upcoming clinic page, that I might do a Centered Riding clinic that is going to take place in Olympia, WA the first week in February. Well, today I began planning, and had it affirmed that planning takes considerable time.

I got a hold of the organizer and discovered that, yes, there is space available. I next contacted the clinician, Susan Harris, and talked with her about this and about other things for two full hours. It was a long time to be on the phone on a warm, sunny day. It was an

 New Year's Sunset
New Year's Sunset

excellent conversation, which was mainly about the role of the U.S. Calvary in developing the balanced seat. I got the name of several books on the subject, and yes, someday I should read up on this.

I next again emailed the organizer and told her I’ll be coming to the four-day clinic. Now I must send a deposit, purchase plane tickets, and contact my sister Eleanor who will want to get together, before or after this event. And prior to talking to Eleanor, I’m going to need to go into the filing cabinet that contains all our maps and pull out the Washington map and figure out trip logistics. Thank dog that I took the time a few weeks ago and reorganized our burgeoning map collection.

No, I wasn’t smart enough to leave well enough alone. And committing to this clinic was my way of making good on my New Year’s Resolution, which is to finish things that I left undone this past year and in years previous.

This includes getting a hold of Gregory who with his wife Brit owns the Saddle Up arena. If I move up a level as a Centered Riding instructor, I’ll have more credibility if I teach there. The same holds true with regards to my not yet complete Bones for Life certification.

I am next going to dig through my huge paper pile and find my print copy of If Wishes were Horses, read it, and then revise it. I think that this project will take me three weeks to do. I’ll then pass it on to Pete who will deal with the more technical aspects of creating a flip book. Yes, this too is going to take time.

I now do have time. My having decided to take the fall EMT course did come to me on an ideas day, and I did act upon this. But it took so much time that I found myself stockpiling ideas.

At midday I got out and got all the horses out on a ride. They seemed to be invigorated by the higher temperatures, now in the high 30s. Getting them out was not an idea, it was a necessity. Necessity remains the mother of invention.

Leaving the old year in good form. It was the year that I did my wilderness first responder training, EMT training, and did a big trip. This year, I think, will be more piecemeal.

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