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February 5, 2019: And Yet another Conversation with my Tooth

The following conversation with my tooth took place in the Meriden Dental exam room.

Tooth: Uhh, what are we doing here?
Alys: Waiting to have a chat with the dentist.
T: Is this necessary?
A: Yes.
T: Do you think he’s taking me out?
A: To dinner?
T: Har har.
A: No, you aren’t going anywhere.
T: I gather that there has been some indecision about this.
A: Yes, considerable indecision.
T: Why is this?

Rainbow's Teeth
Rainbow's Teeth

A: Well, if I have you pulled now, I can get a bridge put in before our upcoming trip.
T: And after you’d have the retainers.
A: Yes.
T: And if you wait on having me pulled?
A: Well then, the teeth would be straight before bridge goes in.
T: A tough call. What is your preference?
A: To have the retainers in now and have you extracted at a later date.
T: Why?
A: Lots of reasons. I really like the bridge I have now. For the first time in six years I can chew on both sides again.
T: And?
A: Cost is an issue. If I can hold off having you pulled until July, my insurance and our home health account funds will pay for this.
T: Makes sense to me.
A: Okay, I’ll admit that I fear having you pulled, and as well fear the possible consequences.
T: And what are the consequences?
A: If I have another bridge put in, and one of the two teeth holding it in place goes, I will be majorly screwed.
T: Why don’t you consider implants?
A: First of all, it’s a complicated procedure that will require numerous appointments with an oral surgeon.
T: And?
A: It would require that I have a piece of cadaver bone or pig bone put underneath the gum, this way the implants will be rooted.
T: Sounds dreadful.
A: Yes, it’s all dreadful.
T: Well, the dentist did tell you that I can stay where I am indefinitely.
A: Yes he did.
T: And I’m not causing you any problems.
A: No you aren’t. Just some mild discomfort now and then.
T: I like how you have chosen to deal with the discomfort.
A: By putting an arnica tablet on the abscess.
T: A brilliant idea on your part.
A: Thank you.
T: And I really am appreciative about the fact that you decided to wait on having me extracted. I wasn’t ready to go.
A: And I wasn’t wanting to part company with you.
T: I heard the dentist say that I could stay in place indefinitely.
A: That’s what he said. But if I feel pain, out you go.
T: Now in order for you to remain pain free, you must continue to eat well and drink a lot of water.
A: Makes sense to me.
T: And you must continue to brush. Go over your gums vigorously, at least once a day with the Sonicare toothbrush.
A: Will do.
T: Simpatico.
A: Simpatico.

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