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December 28, 2019: Being Grounded

Tonight, as the sun was setting, I took Mr. T for a walk. He was standing by himself, in the pen, and I think he was fully expecting to get out. Temps were in the teens, and the sky was dark blue, fading to dark gray. Mr. T did say to me that I seemed to be preoccupied, I said yes, I was, and apologized and briefly focused on him before becoming preoccupied again.

I am so glad I have the horses because they ground me. I feel at peace when I’m with them, and this includes the time I spend pen cleaning. Otherwise, my thoughts would continue to go around and around, like a mobius strip. In this respect, these animals are my saving grace.

Andre says, "They should take off their masks."

So is Pete. On this, one of the toughest of days, he held me upright when I again started to falter. I don’t know what I’d do without him, either.

Maybe we need dark days, so we are better able to see the light.

My current involvement with the Bright Lights Book Project came to a screeching halt today. I might in the future sign on again, but for now I’m just going to lay low and wait and see what fate has in store for me.

My abbreviated story is this – I walked into the project area and saw that books were everywhere. The first words out of my mouth were “Did we have an earthquake?” I then learned that the VCRS education director had decided to ready the room for upcoming student field trips. Readying the room included taking the best books (high grading if you will) and piling them in a corner.

I was incensed, and I let this be known to Jill and to two other volunteers. Jill left the room and I wasted no time. I boxed up the kids’ books that I had cleaned up and sorted out, and when Pete showed up, we put them in the pickup truck.

Volunteers can’t resign. Volunteers are in a netherworld in which they are one step below paid workers. They don’t have any power and even less say. I did tell the director that if they ever get a good work and display space together, that I’d love to help.

In the end, it was a win-win situation. Jill has her project room back and I have lots of wonderful books to read. I also have on hand some amazing children’s books, which will end up in the hands of parents and their children. And, I am pleased about the fact that I found owners/readers for so many books. How cool is this?

Looking ahead, the plan is to now distribute the kid’s books to various places. Our truck is a bookmobile. I am confident that other, like minded individuals will capitalize on the Bright Lights Book Project momentum, and keep the ball rolling.

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