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December 27, 2019: A Conversation with Raudhetta fra Alaskastadir

The snow moved out and the bitter cold moved in. Below O F temperatures all day long. The sun did shine at a slant, and the wind blew the snow off the trees. I keep telling Pete that on days like this, its like living in a resort, minus the tourists. An added plus was that because it was so cold, the snowmobilers remained in the seclusion of their nice warm homes.

I was sorely tempted to do the same but well knew that I should take advantage of the beautiful day and get outside. I had two choices. I could either go for a ski in the fresh pow or I could get the ponies out for some exercise. I ended up doing the latter. Pete gave me an assist – we first

Raudi spins the wheel during the X-Mas obstacle
Raudi spins the wheel during the X-Mas obstacle

took Raudi and Tinni for a walk along the loop and on adjacent trails, then we took Tyra and Hrimmi for a trek on the adjacent trails. Raudi and I had a lengthy conversation which I have excerpted from, on our walk. It follows.

Alys: Raudi, what do you think of this cold?
Raudi: Invigorating.
A: Yes, invigorating.
R: You are wearing that big suit. Isn’t it hot?
A: No. I don’t have a thick, warm coat, as you do.
R: You can’t grow one?
A: No. If I could it would be inconvenient. I spend a lot of time indoors, where it’s warm.
R: I would like to have access to a heated barn.
A: One where you had your own stall?
R: Yes. I could come and go as I like, and I could eat my hay without having to share with the others.
A: Is food all you think about?
R: Heavens, no. I also think about having a baby.
A: If we moved and had access to more land, I would get you a date with an Icelandic stallion.
R: How would you do this?
A: I’d arrange for your tête-à-tête while we were on a trip.
R: I would like that. None of that artificial insemination crap for me.
A: The only problem is, what would we do with your offspring once it came of age?
R: If we had the land, we could keep it.
A: There exists that possibility.
R: You’d better get a moving on this – I’m not getting any younger. I’m going to be 17 in a few months.
A: And I’m not getting any younger, either.
R: How old are you?
A: I refuse to say.
R: Why?
A: Because generalizations come with certain ages.
R: Such as?
A: Well, get to be a certain age and people assume that you are infirm, incompetent, and slightly senile.
R: Tinni is 31.
A: And yes, we all pass unfair judgements on him.
R: Yes.
A: Does he care?
R: Of course he cares.
A: So you get my point.
R: Yes, I do. Better get me bred soon.
A: I’ll continue to work on it.
R: Promise?
A: Promise.

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