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December 25, 2019: The Stuff Dreams are Made of. A Conversation with Hrimfara fra Lough Arrow II

It was really the best Christmas ever. Early on, Pete agreed with me that we should go skijoring, letting Hrimmi do the honors. I expected Pete to say no because I really felt like hanging out by the woodstove. However, he was the motivator and so we soon found ourselves outside, in the throes of attempting to figure out skijoring rigging. All the while, Hrimmi stood tied up at the hitching post, eating a second breakfast of hay and supplement slurpy. The weather was perfect, temps were in the teens and it was snowing lightly. It was like we were a part of a painting in a Christmas card. And a good time was had by all, including Ryder who came with us on this outing. The following conversation took place out on the trail.

Hrimmi goes to the beach
Hrimmi goes to the beach

Hrimmi: This is a little odd. Pete’s on top of me, and you are behind me. It’s like I’m being ridden and driven.
Alys: A good way to look at it.
H: So no other horses are coming with us?
A: Not today.
H: All right then, let’s go.
All was quiet for a bit, then Hrimmi indicated to me that something was on her mind.
A: Why did you stop Hrimmi?
H: Got a question.
A: Yes?
H: Who is Jesus Christ?
A: He was a holy man who some revere. Some celebrate Christmas, which is the day of his birth.
H: Where was he born?
A: In Bethlehem, to a couple named Mary and Joseph.
H: In a warm building?
A: Actually, in a stall like the one you were born in.
H: You mean the stall that Tinni occupies in the afternoon and at night, and Tyra occupies in the morning.
A: That’s right. Except that after the birth, the stable was filled with well-wishers, human and animal.
H: And where did they put the baby?
A: In the manger?
H: Wait. Mangers are usually filled with hay. Animals eat this hay.
A: Yes. But there was no other place to put the baby.
H: Couldn’t Mary hold him?
A: No. It was a difficult birth and by then she was very tired.
H: So did the animals go hungry?
A: Heavens no. There was plenty of hay on hand.
H: What kind of animals were in attendance?
A: Sheep, goats, burros, horses, chickens, and a camel or two.
H: And they all hung out peacefully?
A: Oh yes. This was called the nativity scene.
H: Hmm, I think Tyra told me about this. She also said that she wants to have a nativity scene at our place.
A: We’ll see. This would be a lot of work.
H: But good work.
A: Where would we get a baby?
H: I think it would be harder to get a camel.
A: Yeah, we’d have some bugs to iron out, for sure.
H: But anything is possible.
A: Yes, anything is possible.
H: This summer, I’d like to go to the beach.
A: We’ll see what we can do.
H: The lord works in strange ways.
A: Yes indeed.

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