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December 22, 2019: Post Solstice Ideas Day

Pete said this morning that we gained three seconds of daylight today, 1.5 seconds in the morning and 1.5 seconds in the evening. The time is immaterial. What’s important is that this is a turning point. Turning points are important to make note of, they are harbingers of change.

This is a very hard time of year for those who choose to remain in Alaska for the duration. Many of our friends have become snowbirds, and with good reason. The prospect of being, say, down in Northern New Mexico where it is sunny and warm and there are endless miles of trails to ride on appeals to me, as it does to others. Unfortunately, I and others can’t afford to spend the winter elsewhereor find it

Heather and Alys and Tinni
Heather and Alys and Tinni

impractical. For instance, Pete teaches in the fall and spring, so if we do go south, it has to be in the summer. And even then, getting down to the Lower 48 is time consuming and expensive.

I have for some time been wanting to move. But in the past few days I have come to realize that wherever we are, we do make our own reality. I sometimes forget that it is possible to have here, what I think I can only have there.

A few such things. A while back I bemoaned the fact that I didn’t have horse friends to work with. Today I realized just how wrong I was. My long-time friend Heather came over and we talked for hours about some of the things we might do together.

I also have other horsey friends who I also share ideas and ride with. They are small in number, but this is inconsequential. We think similarly and this is what is most important.

I have also for some time been bitching about the fact that the nearby trails have been trashed by ATVers. Well, this may change. There is an interest in making the nearby Matanuska Moose Range into a non-motorized hunting area.

We also have the absolute best veterinarian and farrier in the state. Both Zach Kaiser (veterinarian) and Josh Morris (farrier) are incredibly hard working and knowledgeable professionals. Over the years, they’ve also become good friends. And the animals all like them.

I’ve also been bemoaning the fact that I don’t have much of an intellectual life. This now has changed. The Bright Lights Book Project is up and running. I am now sharing my love of books with those who think similarly. I might in time get a Bright Lights reading group and a Bright Lights writing group together.

And oh yeah, I have been wringing my hands about the fact that I have spent considerable time making the horse/human body/mind teaching connection but have been stymied in my attempts to teach what I know to others. Doors may soon open in this area – soon enough I’m going to meet with the owners of Saddle Up arena and see if I can teach agility in their facility.

So there you have it. A turning point for me, in that I’m now focusing on what’s possible rather than what’s impossible.

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