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December 15, 2019: A Visit with Sarah

I remember, when I was in high school, I went to a student art show and there was a color illustration entitled “The Morning after the Night Before.” It was of Superman, sitting on the edge of a bed, his head between hands. Next to him was a sleeping form.

I have often thought of that illustration – it was very realistic, but I think because of the subject matter, won no prizes. This morning I thought of a similar illustration with the same title – instead of Superman, it was of Wonder Woman.

I am not Wonder Woman, but I felt like she felt, the morning after the night before. I dd not want to get out of bed, but I did because I had animals to feed. This is always the saving grace around here. I

Alys, Tyra, and Sarah

have to, in such instances, put aside my belief that I am a failure, as is evidenced by the fact that I’ve again failed at something.

As I was feeding, I thought some about how demeaning the educational system can be – yesterday was a good example. The EMT class, that is the exercises and the directives were not well thought out. And the end evaluative session – it was a sham. As I learned in graduate school, when we all evaluated student writing, the more you quantify, the more bias plays a role.

To say that there is objectivity in such instances is a falsity. None of us were evaluated in the same way. For example, the one who in the end did the best was the largest guy in the class. My thinking about him has always been, all spine and no heart. Not intentionally, but it is easier to overlook such individuals’ errors when they appear to fit the role.

Me, small, female, wanting to take notes, I didn’t have a chance in hell of passing.

My mind would have continued to go around and around, but the circle was broken by a visit from my friend Sarah who came over and went riding with Pete and me. We did all our trails – Pete rode Raudi, I rode Hrimmi, and Sarah rode Tyra. We left Tinni behind because we just had three riders.

All the while, we all talked. Interesting, Sarah was so busy chatting that she didn’t pay much attention to Tyra who just ambled along like the good cow pony she was. She didn’t even seem like the same horse who yesterday, free-raced with considerable abandon over the same trails.

After, we went back up to the cabin and checked out the Goatel, then went inside and drank tea and talked books. I sent Sarah on her way with some children and young adult books. I said to her, and I meant it, that the best part of this job is talking books. And how wonderful it is, to get direct hits, that is books in the hands of those who will appreciate them.

And so, my sagging spirits were lifted by Sarah’s visit. My foray back into the world of academe, with the subject matter being emergency medical technician work is now over and done. The ending was not so hot, but it was not at all life changing.

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