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December 11, 2019: Dog Blog: Ryder Speaks

Hey Everyone two and four-footed,

Alys finally agreed to allow me to time to say what’s now on my mind. Mighty generous of her, considering she thinks, all the time, that what she has to say is more important than what the rest of us have to say.

Lately, I’ve been sorely tempted to call the Human Society, at the very least request that they have a chat with her, and at the most, lock her up. But no, I’m going to give her another chance. I suspect that if she knows how I feel she might cop a better attitude.

For some time now, I’d say pretty much since the return from our summer trip, she’s had her nose in this very big book with a yellow color. This, and another just like it, only smaller, are now, pardon the pun, dog eared. I have gathered from listening in on conversations between her and Pete, and as well her sister when she visited, that Alys has been studying for some big exams.

I have seen her do this before but not as intently or for as long. I have also gathered from listening in on these same conversations that she has been studying to take first aid exams.

Ryder looking up at squirrel

I liked it better when she was studying the veterinary technician stuff because then she was more attentive to my physical self. The horses felt the same way. I guess that they stopped offering these courses at the college – too bad because Alys was doing something that benefitted us, rather than her human counterparts. However, I did hear her tell Pete the other day that in taking this course that she has made a lot of veterinary medicine related connections. I sure hope so.

Today I went with her to the college and she left me in the car. Pete soon appeared and he took me on a 3.5 mile hike. It was quite wonderful, to run around and sniff the things in this unfamiliar territory. There were also numerous squirrels around. I chased a few. Which reminds me, Squirrely Whirly has been around a lot lately – I’ve been on one side of the living room window, and he’s been on the other. I tell you, if that window wasn’t there, I would grab him by the neck and break his spine. I know how to do this – Rainbow taught me this. Her favorite game was cat – me, I avoid those creatures because if you grab the wrong end you will end up a bloody mess.

Anyhow, Alys has paid me no mind except to take me out on short walks with the horses. I’ve even had to remind her to feed me. Used to be I’d bark just once, lately I’ve had to bark several times.

I’m not complaining, I’m simply providing a factual account. I have heard said that she will be done with school late Saturday. I sure hope so. If she’s still got her nose in her books on Tuesday, the next day that the Human shelter is open, I will call them and have them come and assess this untenable situation.

Yours Truly

Ryder Snyder

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