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December 5, 2019: Bright Lights in Dark Times

These are dark times right now. It’s dark out by 5:00 p.m. And our political situation is now quite dire. The number one problem is over population. We have failed as a world to acknowledge this. Relentless over consumption continues. Climate change is, of course, a consequence.

What can I do? This is something that I have often wondered. The answer has materialized, and it is like a bright light at the end of the tunnel. This something is the Bright Lights Book Project, which right now is in its infancy.

I am having a wonderful time, doing the physically-related work; right now, I’m sorting through umpteen boxes of books and setting aside those which I think I can ahem, rehome. The rest are being shredded by special needs students and their caretakers. They shred, I sort. It’s a rather harmonious endeavor.

My friend Bill Schmidtkunz has been assisting in the sorting. Next Thursday we’ll be doing a major secondary sort, categorizing books and putting them in boxes. Our kickoff event is going to be a combination book/bake food sale, and this is going to take place on December 21, the solstice. This is not coincidental. The winter solstice heralds the return of the bright lights.

Alys reading to her chicken

After this event I’ll get going on getting a data bank up and running. This will contain a list of possible distribution sites and places in which books have already been distributed. In time we might list individual books, but not right away.

My big idea today was this – I’d like to see the recycling center form a Book co-op – those who sort then can take a box of books for every hour they work. This part of the project will take place after we get done with our secondary sort – this way, workers can go through or take boxes of interest.

We have to market these books as a valuable commodity.

The answer to the question that I posed in the first paragraph of this dispatch, that is, what can I do? Is this – work towards making for a more literate population. We have more kid’s books on hands than any other genre. Getting these books out to places where young readers and their parents have access to them is consequently going to be key. This in time will be the literacy-related aspect of this program.

Imagine it, a child spending time reading, as opposed to spending time playing video games. Much needed change can only come about when the wheels start turning. I can think of no other endeavor at this point in time that might be more befitting of my efforts.

I’m chomping at the bit now – I want to put more time into this effort than I am doing right now. First, I must finish the EMT course. I’ll be done on Saturday, December 14, 2019. December 16, 2019 – I’ll start putting more hours into the Bright Lights Book Project. The current motto is, making the world a better place, one book at a time.

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