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December 4, 2019: A Conversation with Tyra

Tyra: Ummm, I have two questions.
Alys: Ummmmm, what are they?
T: How come you put me in Tinni’s enclosure? And is this a sign of things to come?
A: Let me explain. I want Tinni to spend his mornings in the big pen. He seems to feel most comfortable having two, rather than three companions.
T: How come I’m the one in his pen?
A: Because for some odd reason, he makes you feel uneasy.
T: Why don’t you put Raudi in this pen? She makes me feel uneasy.
A: I would, but she does not make Tinni feel uneasy. In fact, Raudi and Tinni get along quite well, most likely because

The four horses grazing in the yard
The four horses grazing in the yard

they’ve been stable mates now for over ten years.
T: So how long am I going to have to be in this pen?
A: Today just until 3 p.m., when I have to head to school. I will swap you out.
T: Am I going to be incarcerated each and every day?
A: I’d hardly say that you are being incarcerated.
T: Okay, I will rephrase my question. Am I going to be imprisoned each and every day?
A: No. I am going to have Hrimmi and Raudi also occupy your cell, err pen, and see how it goes.
T: And if Tinni acts afraid of me, does this mean that I will again be put in lock down?
A: We’ll see. You know, you are making the situation seem worse than it is. You have plenty of room to move around. You know, there are some horses in this world that live in dark stalls, some with bars, 24/7. And they don’t get taken for walks. And they get very little turnout time. And sometimes they are turned out in small areas with lots of horses, some who are really mean.
T: I am aware of this.
A: How do you know such things?
T: When we get together with other horses, we talk. We met a lot of horses this summer who knew of other horses in this situation.
A: And did you complain about your lot in life?
T: No, because I then had nothing to complain about – wait, I stand corrected. I sure hated those damn hobbles.
A: I didn’t like them either.
T: And being on the highline for hours on end was just dreadful.
A: How about being in the trailer?
T: Well, that was a lot of fun; however, every so often it got hot back there.
A: I apologize for that.
T: Apologies are after the fact. I want out and I want out now.
A: I don’t know any other horses that get taken for walks as often as you all.
T: Talking me for walks does not make my lot in life any better.
A: And what if I told you that you’d no longer go on walks and that this stall would be the one you now occupy?
T: I could not abide by this. What if I told you that every time you now rode me, that I’d toss your silly little ass in the snow?
A: Okay. Okay. I’m just going to ask you to be patient and bear with me while I figure out what works best for Tinni.
T: And for me?
A: Yes, and also for you.

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