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November 29: A Conversation with Raudi

Raudi: We’re going for a walk?
Alys: Yes.
R: About time. I have been so bored lately.
A: Yes, I know. The weather has had a delirious effect on horse outing plans.
R: Yes, snow and rain mixed. Yesterday you took Tinni out. When he came back, he said that the road was a sheet of ice.
A: I have ice boots. They belong to Tinni. Would you like me to put them on you?
R: Hell no. I am a very smart pony. I know how to negotiate slippery roads.
A: Well then, let’s go.
R: Are you bringing Tinni with us?
A: If you’d like.
R: Yes, I’d like it if you brought him along.

Alys and Raudi leading Tinni
Alys and Raudi leading Tinni

A: Good, I didn’t want to make a separate trip.
R: He’s doing so much better. For some time it was like someone had hung a vacancy sign on around his neck.
A: How do you know what a vacancy sign is?
R: I have now made three trips up and down the highway and done three trail trips. There were so many hotels. And of course I’m capable of making comparisons.
A: Yes, yes. And Tinni is doing so much better. You, Hrimmi, and Tinni were all social grooming this morning.
R: Yes. We do all care a great deal about one another.
A: And do you care about Tyra?
R: Yes, of course. It appears as though I don’t, but I do. I am taking my job of training her very seriously.
A: How so?
R: She gets in my space. She gets in your space. That’s unacceptable.
A: You used to be this way.
R: But I quickly figured out that it is better for all concerned to stand at the distance and wait before diving into other horses’ food.
A: And?
R: This complements what she should be learning from you, which is that she should also stand back when you come in the gate with food, and not mug you for treats.
A: And you don’t think that I’ve been working with her on this?
R: Some. But not enough. You are not at all consistent. You praise her beyond what she should be praised for. And you scold her beyond what she should be scolded for.
A: Are you saying that I’m ruining her?
R: Well, you alone would ruin her. But I have gladly stepped in and am assisting with her training.
A: And how does she feel about this?
R: She’s a tough nut to crack. She pretends like she does not understand. And so she won’t behave until she drops the ruse.
A: I understand.
R: All this to say that when I pin my ears back at her, or bite her in the rump, there is a very good reason for this.
A: And what’s that reason?
R: To get her to behave.
A: She behaves very well under saddle.
R: Oh yes. So there is hope for her.
A: As there was once hope for you.
R: Yes, as there was once hope for me.

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