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November 28, 2019: A Conversation with Tinni

Alys: Hey Tinni, happy Thanksgiving.
Tinni: What’s Thanksgiving.
A: A day when we all give thanks.
T: For what?
A: Whatever it is we are wanting to be thankful for.
T: Are you finding much to be thankful for today? You have been out here, working very hard.
A: I have never, ever seen anything like this. Two feet of slush and snow mix.
T: Neither have I.
A: Not even in Iceland?
T: No, there it snowed, and the wind blew hard. But it never snowed and then rained.
A: Was it ever a snow/rain mix?
T: Not to my recollection.
A: Well I am thankful that I am not so old that I can’t take care of you all.


T: You have done a wonderful job. All the manure has been moved out, the mats have been cleared, and the hay put out in the sheds.
A: Yes. And you got your morning roll in, out in the paddock.
T: Have to have my morning roll.
A: And we went for a walk with Ryder and my sister.
T: I enjoyed that. Your sister is a lot like you – she’s also very kind and generous.
A: You are her favorite.
T: Yes, she gives me lots of treats. And we did a mind meld.
A: What’s a mind meld?
T: When humans and horses put their foreheads together.
A: You want me to do this?
T: No, you pretty much know what I’m thinking and I know what you are thinking.
A: Most of the time.
T: You might consider doing a mind meld with Tyra over there.
A: Is she put out?
T: Seriously put out. She thinks she’s lacking in attention today.
A: And Raudi?
T: She’s not thinking she’s lacking in attention. She is just wanting better weather.
A: And Hrimmi?
T: Hrimmi expressed an interest in being hitched to and pulling the cart. I told her that the road is very icy, so not today.
A: So, there is a feeling of discontent amongst the mares.
T: Yes.
A: And you?
T: I am the most content of the lot. I have my stall, my hay, had my walk, had my roll, no, I am not lacking for anything.
A: Would you like to be blanketed?
T: That is actually a good idea. Now that you mention it, I do feel a bit chilled.
A: It’s not raining now, so I will put a quilted blanket on you. If it does start to rain, I’ll put a nylon blanket on top of that one.
T: Thank you. What is the smell coming from the house? It smells like cooked meat.
A: Eleanor and Pete are eating turkey.
T: Is turkey like those stupid little birds that leap out in front of us when we are out on the trail?
A: Yes, but bigger and even more stupid.
T: You didn’t say that you are also going to eat the bird.
A: No, I will eat the other foods.
T: Why?
A: The reasons have always varied. Now, just because.
T: Just because is good enough.
A: Yes, just because is good enough.

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