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November 8, 2019: My Sister’s Sister

Every Thursday, when I go to sort books, I think about my family members. Today, as I tossed books to be shredded into a shopping cart, and books to be saved into cardboard boxes, I thought about my sister, Eleanor.

Eleanor wasn’t, early on, much of a reader. She preferred to hang out with friends. This, I think, was for the best. Those of us who were practically born with our noses in books ended up being myopic and misanthropic. El ended up being socially adept and empathetic, two traits that I admittedly lack.

El became a voracious reader in her teens and still is. Her tastes differ from mine.

Death Trap XL5 at the igloo
Death Trap XL5 at the igloo

She likes mysteries. I like nonfiction, memoirs, essays, and creative nonfiction included. However, if one of the other of us gives the other a book, we’ll gladly read it.

She is going to come to Alaska the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. She does not know this yet, but she is going to VCRS with me on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and she is going to assist me in rummaging through the Gaylords and in categorizing that I’ve set aside thus far.

She might very well be skeptical about what I’m doing, especially when she sees the sheer number of chest-high boxes, filled to the brim with books. There are so many of these boxes that I have to focus on a single box, just so I’m not overwhelmed by the sheer amount. I do realize now that my working just one day a week isn’t going to enable me to do much more than reduce the load. But I am thinking that in time I will recruit others, and together we’ll get through all that is there.

El doesn’t know this yet, but she is going to assist me with yet another project as well. After I was bit by the trapped mouse, someone decided to go over to the animal shelter (which is located adjacent to VCRS) and get a cat. It was El who said to me that the cat should have a buddy, otherwise it will be lonely. So I suggested to some VCRS staff members that they get a second cat. I was given a thumbs up by just about everyone, so the plan is for El and me to pick out cat #2 when she visits.

And wait until I tell her this. The book mobile idea was at first just a joke. However, I started thinking about this, and it then became within the realm of possibility. This new vehicle that I’m getting – I can distribute books in the community. There are so many places that I’m sure will take them. And I’ll get a sign, one of those magnetic ones, indicating that I am driving the book mobile.

El will most likely just be glad that I will no longer be driving Fireball X-L 5, commonly referred to as Deathtrap.

I am so glad Eleanor is my sister. And I’m glad she’s also a reader.

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