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October 27, 2019: As the Days Grow Shorter

The amount of time I have to spend outside lessens. I am not an early riser, nor is Pete. We don’t tend to get up before it’s light out, no matter what. Me, the very first thing I do each day, even before eating breakfast, is go out and tend to the animals. I can’t check on how they are faring if it’s dark. So, I wait until it’s light. Pete, I can’t speak for him – but his getting up before me is a rare event. Could be that if we are both up, we bump into one another.

Today was a good day for getting up later. The darkness faded to dawn, and it appeared overcast. Soon enough, it was spitting rain. I am not eager for snow to appear, but it does make the landscape appear brighter.

 Is this goat pregnant
Is this goat pregnant?

I did tend to the animals, then after, ate breakfast. Then after, studied for my upcoming EMT practical, then after, looked at agility videos with Pete. We determined that Tyra needed another go-around, so we met up in the Playground of Higher Learning, me with my horse and Pete with our camera. We were joined by Tinni and the goats, all of whom were curious about what was going on and wanted a piece of the action.

Tyra did quite well – I am so proud of myself. The back up over the pole – I used a flatter pole and put yellow and blue wraps around it. And I stopped Tyra and had her take a look at it before she went over it. This worked well.

Next I went to visit my EMT teacher – I took books in my backpack for her and for her son. Had a great time, talking about the class. She also clarified a few things for me. I noticed upon arriving that there is a lone horse in her pasture – a gray mare. I asked, and was told, the owners feed it twice a day. She’s not getting additional attention because her owners are child rearing.

I returned home. Pete had taken Hrimmi with him for a walk up the bench. I didn’t feel up to it, but I decided to take Tinni and Tyra for a woods walk. They both (I think) had a good time. Tyra bounced around and Tinni watched, moving at an okay pace. As I walked, I thought about the gray mare, and for a minute or so, I considered volunteering to take her for walks or to ride her. Alas, because I’m studying for exams, and have horses of my own, my time is limited. And because my time is limited, time spent with another owner’s horse would take time away from my own horses. So, I have to turn a blind eye to the horse in a field.

The very best I can do right now is to continue to provide good care and quality interaction with my own four. And when I start feeling bad about horses that aren’t getting the care and attention they need, I’ll give myself a pat on the back for a job well done on the home front.

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