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October 22, 2019: A Conversation with Hrimfara Fra Lough Arrow II

Hrimmi: Hey you
Alys: Hey you?
Hrimmi: Yeah, Hey you.
A: I’m Alys.
H: I’m Hrimfara. Glad to meet you.
A: Hrimmi, what are you trying to tell me?
H: I’m not trying. I am telling you.
A: What?
H: That I’m feeling like the low horse in the lineup.
A: This is absolutely not so. But why are you feeling this way?
H: You keep talking about how Raudi and Tyra are superstars. But this is not a term that you have ever used to describe me.
A: Maybe not. For which I apologize. You are a superstar.
H: And you seldom, if ever, have conversations with me that you write about.
A: This will change. I promise. You are a

Alys and Hrimmi heading up to the bench
Alys and Hrimmi heading up to the bench

much loved and respected member of the herd. I am always telling anyone who will listen that you are a very gentle horse. And I point out that you are a thinker.
H: A thinker like Tyra?
A: Goodness no. She considered herself to be an intellectual. You are the herd problem solver.
H: How so?
A: A good example here. When we do agility, you attempt to figure out the right way of completing the task at hand. It’s like I can actually see you problem solving.
H: And I get it, right?
A: You sure do.
H: Maybe you think less of me because I’m cow hocked.
A: I may have, way back when. But look at how strong your rear legs are now.
H: Yes, when I was younger my rear legs were weaker.
A: And this is why you stopped so often.
H: Yes.
A: And why you walked into the brush repeatedly when I was riding you.
H: Yes.
A: But this summer, you both matured and became much stronger.
H: Yes.
A: This is your story.
H: And I’m sticking to it.
A: Would you like to do another trip?
H: Yes. But I’m not sure I want to be the pack horse again.
A: Why not?
H: All pack horses do is follow the other horses.
A: But it’s a very important job.
H: I’d just as soon be ridden.
A: Who would we use as a pack horse? Neither Raudi nor Tyra are suited for the job.
H: That’s what they’d have you believe. I think it would be a good job for one or for either.
A: What if we found another horse suitable for the job?
H: This would be fine, provided that at the summer’s end you send that horse back where he or she came from.
A: I know, we don’t have the room here for another horse.
H: You know what I’d like?
A: No. What would you like?
H: I would like to have a baby.
A: Now you sound like Raudi.
H: I think that we three mares should be bred and have offspring at about the same time.
A: This would be a lot of fun. But we can’t do this here. We don’t have the room.
H: Get the room.
A: Our moving to a place with more pasturage is up to fate.
H: You go and have a talk with Fate and then come back and tell us all what you find out.
A: Will do.

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