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October 20, 2019: A Conversation with Stormy

The following conversation took place with Stormy, as I was cleaning up the goatel.

Alys: Stormy, how are you doing?
Stormy: Very good, very good.
A: The big questions are, are you really pregnant, and are you really going to have a baby?
S: What do you think?
A: Well, you are bagging up on one side. And you seem pretty round to me. But you aren’t acting very maternal.
S: Very good observations. But they are only observations.
A: Well, either way, we are ready to tend to your offspring, should you give birth.
S: Yes. You did a very good job today, cleaning the pen and outside shelter.
A: It took most of the day.

Alys feeding Peaches's kids
Alys feeding Peaches's kids

S: Yes, but you seemed quite content, cleaning up.
A: I enjoy taking care of all you animals.
S: You even cleaned the chicken pen.
A: Yes.
S: Why did you work so hard today?
A: Because last night I was not able to sleep – I kept thinking that if you did have a baby or two or three, that the post birth experience would not be all that great.
S: How so?
A: Well, the critters would come into the world in a perhaps dirty and wet pen. And they would not be comfortable. And they might very well think that they were going to lead a tough life.
S: I would have told them differently. This is a great place to live.
A: Even though I sometimes fall behind on pen cleaning?
S: Actually, you do a good job of keeping up with it.
A: Thanks.
S: You know, I am a milk-line goat. I spent a few years being a part of a larger herd. I rather like the individual attention.
A: I like watching you and Ranger race around the yard.
S: Ranger is my best friend. I am glad he was with me this summer.
A: Was it a good summer?
S: It was fine with me. Ranger had a harder time of it. It was so very hot. And where we were, it was noisy.
A: So you are both happy to be home?
S: Oh yes.
A: Back to the subject at hand – one of your udders is filling up and the other is not. I’m rather concerned.
S: Don’t be. The other will fill.
A: And if it does not?
S: I’ll just have one working spigot.
A: What if you have four babies and just one spigot?
S: You’ll have to go to my former place of residence and get some more milk.
A: I suppose.
S: What are the plans if I have a male baby?
A: What a coincidence. I was thinking about this today. Noaa (Wether) Radio – that’s his name. I’m going to find him a home as a pack goat. This means he will keep his horns and be neutered.
S: You going to have him banded?
A: No. I’ll have our veterinarian castrate him.
S: That the guy who cut off Ranger’s scur?
A: Yeah. But he will do a good job. I promise.
S: I believe you.
A: So, are you or are you not pregnant?
S: Only time will tell – and she isn’t talking, is she?

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