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October 18, 2019: Friday is the New Saturday

At least this is the way it is around here. Pete doesn’t go into the college on Fridays, which makes it feel to me like it is Saturday. And in the afternoon we generally do Saturday stuff, mainly things that need to be done around the place. Today he began working on the wood pile, in preparation for getting more wood. We had a lot of bits and pieces of wood, as well as wood that needed to be split.

Pete didn’t get as far as he would have liked because it was a really nice day out – and he determined that it would be a good day for him to video me and the ponies doing agility.

Wood shed and splitter

I had done an experiment, putting body wraps on the pony’s rear legs – my thought was that this might make them more body aware. I got this idea when I was working with Tinni. My experiment worked limitedly – the mares all backed nicely over the poles when asked, that is if I took them over this obstacle right after having the wraps on. But alas, this did not work with my eschewing the wraps (as I did today) and instead of taking the horses directly over the obstacle. Clunk, clunk, clunk. This was the sound that Pete picked up on the camera.

Interestingly enough, Hrimmi backed over the pole really well. And this is the horse that I would have said is the least body aware, due to the fact that she’s cow hocked. I think the wraps did help – but then again, I have been putting them on her for years. Plus, she gets plenty of hill work so her rear legs are strong.

What to do? Back to the drawing board. After I finished doing agility, I went and put body wraps on Tinni, this time on his front legs. I then did some mat work and took him over the poles around the weave poles. (I use five-gallon buckets.) It was pretty amazing – Tinni, at least to me, seemed very much aware of his front limbs. However, I did not ask him to back.

So, I am now going to continue with my experiment by putting front wraps on the mares. I’m also going to put flagging on the pole, so that its more visible. And, I’m going to make sure that they are lined up before asking them to back.

This is a whole lot of fun. I am getting great joy out of the things I’m doing with the horses. The question is, are the horses also enjoying themselves? I think so, my indicators being that they usually seem engaged with the process and they don’t walk away from me. Actually, Raudi sometimes does walk away from me, but then she comes back to the task at hand when I put my hand out. The command is “hand.” If they touch it, they then get treats.

This was the outside portion of Pete and my day. Tonight, we are going to town, to the college theatre and taking in a show. A comedian is supposed to perform.

Tomorrow will be a real Saturday. I think the weather is going to turn. Me, I’m going to school and doing a special EMT class. Not as much fun as working with the ponies, but then few things in life actually are as fun.

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