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October 17, 2019: If Only -- A Conversation with Tinni

Alys: Dude, what’s shaking?
Tinni: Not much.
A: There is hay down in your enclosure.
T: Right now, I’m just enjoying standing here, up on top of the driveway.
A: What are you thinking about?
T: Not much of anything.
A: Not much of anything?
T: These days I really enjoy standing around, watching the goats butt heads and the mares amble around.
A: And?
T: It’s fall. Grass is sparse. New sprigs keep appearing. I like browsing.
A: I have a question for you.
T: Ask it.
A: Have you been enjoying what we’ve been doing lately?
T: Yes.

Tinni in the pen
Tinni at the back shelter in the pen

A: How so?
T: I like the effect what we are doing is having on you.
A: Could you be more specific?
T: Sure. The use of body wraps, the time spent on the mat doing carrot stretches, the going over poles – you seem to take great joy in it.
A: Because I think this is making you more supple.
T: Yes. That’s right.
A: And I think you are in problem solving, becoming more mentally engaged.
T: I would not deny this.
A: Am I imagining this or not? This sense of connection that I’m feeling, are you feeling it too? Or am I wasting my time in interacting in such a fashion?
T: Yes, I also feel more connected.
A: So should we keep at it?
T: Yes.
A: What might we do differently?
T: Sometimes I get confused because you call your hand and that flag thing in your hand, a hand. I think that you should make the distinction between the two.
A: Will do. Are the others also confused?
T: Tyra, somewhat.
A: Are you or the others confused about anything else?
T: No.
A: How about ponying? How are you with that?
T: I’m okay with it. I most like going out with Raudi. Hrimmi goes a bit fast for me.
A: What about hand walking?
T: That’s the best of all. But I wish that you’d stop every so often and let me graze.
A: Will do. Any dietary recommendations?
T: I sure do enjoy my slurpies.
A: You seem stiff in the front. What might we do about this?
T: You really want to know?
A: Yes.
T: I would like some straw bedding in my enclosure.
A: Okay. I think this is a good idea. I’ve also been thinking about ordering you a set of plastic shoes.
T: Yes, let’s give this a try.
A: I will order them this week.
T: I have a question for you.
A: Fire away.
T: Where do you go when you take off in that red car?
A: Right now, I’m taking a class, one in which I am continuing to make the horse/human body awareness connection.
T: I don’t understand.
A: Okay. I’m going to elsewhere to get information about how to care for you, and in the process adding to my knowledge base.
T: I still don’t get it. But I would say that you are definitely on the right track. We are all quite happy and healthy here and are appreciative of your efforts to keep us this way.
A: All I can say is, you all continue to bring me great joy.
T: Likewise, likewise.

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