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October 11, 2019: What Would Noah Do?

I woke up this morning feeling out of sorts. The rain, I think, has affected my mood. The house was cold, and outside it appeared as though it was going to be yet another rainy day. Add to this, a heavy, wet snow fell last night; this was a reminder that the coldest, wettest months of the year are now upon us. Ugh.

Add to this, last night I had a dream that Tinni died – I was walking him down a residential road and he ran ahead of me and got hit by a motorcyclist. I attempted to go back to sleep in hopes of putting this dream aside, but it continued, with me finally contacting the Burnets, his former owners, and telling them what had happened.

I got up, dressed, and went to check on him. I put a rain sheet on him last night – a good choice he and I thought. It hasn’t been that cold, so he hasn’t been in need of his heavier blanket. I let the mares out into the yard and opened the gate that separates him from them – he went out into the larger enclosure and rolled repeatedly. Of course, my dream indicates that I am very concerned about him, what with the weather here taking a turn for the worst.

I tended to all the animals, lastly noting that Stormy the Goat is now a bit rounder – then I came back inside.

Pete and Tinni

Tending to the animals always grounds me, and this time was no exception. I was further grounded by the fact that Pete had made breakfast and gotten a fire going.

Writing is a form of problem solving – yesterday being a good example. I wrote about being obsessed and how, in being obsessed, I get tunnel vision, the consequence being that I don’t get things done. Articulating this subsequently brought the matter to my attention and made it possible for me to deal.

I looked for and found my wallet. It was behind the back seat of the Tundra, buried under canvas bags. I again got my surround sound devices in working order – they ceased to work last May, and I had not since taken the time to figure out what the problem was. It turned out to be that I needed new batteries. I also cleaned up the kitchen addition, which contained several now dry horse blankets. And I prepared for tomorrow’s practical, making sure I had all my materials in order.

Pretty soon, most likely after my written exam on Wednesday, I am going to clean up my work area.

I feel good about all this. Of course, my imagination continues to be on over drive. My favorite part of the Old Testament is the story of Noah and the Ark. And so, I have been wondering – if Noah was here, and it was Day 28 of the great storm, what would he do? For sure, the bad weather, in particular the rolling seas and the clamoring of all those hungry animals, had to have at times depressed him and put a damper on his being an obsessive.

He didn’t have drugs on hand. Nor did he have any Vitamin D. He must have just kept telling himself that better days were ahead.

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