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January 28, 2019: A Conversation with my Tooth

Tooth: Alys, are you there? Come in Alys
Alys: Yes, I’m here. What’s up?
T: You just had a conversation with Meridian Dental. Looks like I’m going to be extracted.
A: Yes, next Tuesday.
T: I thought you were going to wait until March 1.
A: I thought so too. But I decided I ought not wait.
T: Why not?
A: There is the risk of infection spreading to my body proper.
T: Highly unlikely.
A: How do you know?
T: Because you are eating well and exercising. You’re also continuing to practice good dental hygiene. This is reducing the odds of infection considerably.
A: Reducing but not eliminating.
T: True.
A: I feel really bad about this, in part because I’m still of the mind you might heal.
T: I’m sorry to say, but your decision was most likely for the best. Fractured teeth don’t heal.
A: Do you believe in miracles?
T: I do. But not in this case.
A: Why not?
T: My fracture is really extensive.
A: And can’t be repaired?

T: Nope.
A: So out you go.
T: Yep.
A: You know, I’m terrified.
T: Yes, I know this and so the sooner you get this taken care of, the better. Life is too short to put off that what you are dreading.
A: That’s true.
T: And I heard said that you requested nitrous oxide.
A: It’s my drug of choice.
T: I was there the last time you got Nitrous.
A: And the time before that.
T: You were oblivious to what was going on.
A: That’s right. I had root canal surgery.
T: And everything went just fine.
A: But tooth, the dentist is going to have to remove the old bridge before extracting the tooth.
T: Not fun at all. But think of it this way. That’s more time that you get to spend under the influence of Nitrous.
A: I would prefer not to be under the influence of anything.
T: You mean when I’m taken out?
A: No, no, no. I mean I don’t want to have to have this procedure done at all.
T: Look, think of it this way. You made a wise decision, to have this done next week. First of all, it will still be winter, so you won’t have to have this done in the spring. And this ensures that you will be able to go on your trip because the remaining part of this procedure, which involves being refitted for new Invisaline Trays, will take place before you go. Reversing the order, and perhaps having to have me pulled during the course of your trip makes no sense at all.
A: You are very wise.
T: No, I’m not a wisdom tooth.
A: I was born without wisdom teeth, but feel like I’m paying the price now.
T: You are. But soon enough, this will be behind you.
A: And what if the rear molar holding the new bridge fractures?
T: That’s always a possibility. I’d say, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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