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October 5, 2019: A Conversation with Stormy and Ranger

Alys: Stormy, still no babies.
Stormy: Nope.
Ranger: Babies?
A: Ranger, where have you been?
R: Right here, since we got back home. This is my pen. This is my yard. This is my shed.
A: What do you both think about the new shed?
S: It has windows.
R: Up on top and in the addition.
A: So more light comes in.
S: And Pete also made a goat box for the babies.
R: Are we keeping these babies?
A: We are going to keep one female.
S: Where are my other offspring going to go?
A: To good homes, for sure.
S: Not for meat?
A: Absolutely not for meat.
S: Promise?
A: I promise.
R: Rover and I fathered a few offspring and then they were taken away.
A: Ranger, as far as I know, Teslin, the one female and your daughter, she’s still alive. The last I heard she was still giving milk.
R: She was a real sweetheart.
A: Yes. She looked like a little fawn.
S: My babies are going to be equally good looking.


A: Yes, their father, Buckwheat, he is a nice-looking goat.
S: Yep, very nice.
A: I trust you enjoyed your visit with him.
S: Visit? It wasn’t no visit. We had a relationship,
R: I’ll say.
A: Stormy, what you had was a tryst.
R: What’s a tryst?
S: A relationship.
A: Enough of this. Ranger, are you okay with Stormy having babies?
R: Oh yes. It’ll be fun to race around and play with them.
A: Stormy, how many babies are you going to have? Suzy, your breeder, told me that you once had four of them.
S: That’s true. But not this time.
A: So how many?
S: I think two.
R: Boys or girls?
S: I think a boy and a girl.
R: So, can we keep both if there are only two?
A: It’s quite likely.
R: Got names figured out?
A: Pete and I have decided that NOAA is a good name for a boy.
S: Why is this?
A: Because your name is Stormy. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
S: Huh?
A: These are the initials of the national weather service.
R: Yikes. Try calling that one by his full name.
A: We’ll just call him NOAA, as in Noah’s ark.
S: Suzy told me the story about Noah and how right before it rained 40 days and 40 nights he built a boat and then two of every kind of animal climbed aboard and weathered out the storm.
R: Every kind of animal?
S: Yes. Every kind of animal.
R: Even cockroaches?
S: Cockroaches are not animals.
R: If they’re not animals, what are they?
A: A lower life form.
R: So lower life forms were on this boat?
S: Yes. The cockroaches and scorpions and ticks and fleas and the like – they all stayed on the lower deck.
R: It makes me itchy just thinking about it.
S: They were the last to climb aboard and the first to leave.
A: Okay, okay, enough Bible history for tonight. Here’s your evening hay.
S: Suzy also told me the story about Moses parting the Red Sea. . . .
A: Save it for another time.
R: You can never have enough stories.
S: No, you can never have enough stories.

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