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October 3, 2019: Grrmmph

Okay. It rained all day – not just a little drizzle; but rather, it was one step above that. Also, it was not a warm but rather a cold rain. Overcast too, a good day to be inside, me studying for my EMT midterm and Pete reading student papers. It was a quiet, companionable day.

I went outside at 2 p.m. to feed and water (har har) and clean up behind the horses. As I headed out, I noticed that Raudi, the impatient one, had unlatched the gate, and with her cohorts (who’d followed her) was walking around the yard, grazing on the now nearly non-existent grass.

Alys and Tyra in the Playgournd
Alys and Tyra in the Playground

They were behind my cabin. I walked in front of the cabin, hoping that I might beat them down to the enclosure where I’d sequester myself in the pen and take care of things without being pestered. I had no such luck. The three saw me heading down the driveway and joined me – there was some jostling as they attempted to get at the supplement buckets I had in my hand.

Some would say that their being so pushy was a bad thing – I could get hurt. Well, the alterative might be that they would be fearful and difficult to catch. Also, mean. I wish there was a happy medium, but this is not to be. A little jostling now and then won’t cause my any harm.

I took care of all that needed to be taken care of. Tinni has not ventured out today. Rather, he has remained in his shelter where he’s been content to watch the day go by. The same of the dog, who just a few times has jumped up on the chair, in search of squirrelly whirly. Squirrelly remained holed up in his den where he undoubtedly has been counting and recounting acorns. A thankless proposition because we don’t have any acorns here.

The goats have remained in their shed. Pete is out there now, putting windows in the new addition. We decided to build a baby goat pen in the enclosure – we’ll protect the floor by laying down plastic and cardboard.

Yesterday was a beautiful day – the sun shone brightly – I got all the horses out. Smart me, I’m learning, make hay while the sun shines. The barn is actually now full of hay, with 20 more bales on the way. Pete, who secured the donation from John De Priest, our hay guy, for a silent auction for the recycling center benefit, won the bidding. We paid the same price that John charges us. No matter. Hay is hay.

We also got 25 compressed bales from Carmen Summerfield, bales that were meant for her horse Lawrence who passed away at age 28, a few weeks ago.

Tomorrow, I have class, all day, so continued rain is going to be of little consequence to me. I would like to get the horses out. If it is still raining on Sunday, I will get them out anyways.

Grrmph – I am allowing myself to grouse about this onslaught of bad weather. Why not? To do otherwise would be hypocritical.

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