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September 26, 2019: Fall For Real

There is late summer and early winter. And in between these two times is fall. It is the most clearly defined season of the four. There are still leaves on trees, crisp smelling air, snow on the mountains (called “termination dust”), and in the early morning, frost on the lawn.

We have fired up the wood stove in the past few weeks, and this takes the chill off. The migratory birds have left, headed south – the grouse, they stick around, as do the chickadees.

It’s a good time of year – by now, we’ve usually fully prepared for winter. This year, we’re a little behind. We need to get another load of hay and split the wood

Fall day

Pete got a few weeks ago. He took down some trees on the property and will next go a neighbor’s and get some more.

The goatel, aka the funhouse, is nearly finished. We have to put in siding, doors, and windows. Pete also suggested that we build a box for Stormy’s offspring, in the goatel. I think that Stormy is getting close. She is very round around her middle, and she is acting somewhat maternal. She also has a huge appetite. When I previously milked her, she high-graded, picking out the goat grain and ignoring the sunflower seeds. Now she’s wolfing down the entire mixture, as fast as I can put it in her bowl.

The horses’ winter coats are now partially grown in. In another month, when the snow starts to fly, I will start calling them ponies because this is what they look like.

There is now less than 12 hours of daylight a day. This is the time of year when I start to grouse about the lack of daylight. I can no longer adhere to my old daily schedule, which was write/study in the mornings and ride and tend to the horses in the afternoon. If I do this, as I did today, I don’t get enough horse time. There is plenty of time now, in the evenings, to do my morning work. The problem is that I’m fresher in the a.m. and for this reason, I like to get the writing and studying done then.

I did get out riding on this, a most beautiful day. I first took Raudi and Tinni out – if I don’t get him out on a daily basis, he stiffens up, so this is something I must do. Then I took Hrimmi out on our trails. I worked with her on her trot, using the clicker, rewarding her when she was moving out. I was blown away by how responsive she was. I’ve been calling Tyra the up and coming superstar, but today I realized that this honor should go to Hrimmi.

I am right now most happy about the fact that hunting season ends here in Game Management Area 14-A in just a few days. Then, the trails, as torn up as they might be, will be safe to ride on. The other day I noted that a license plate on a truck read: MY GUNZ. The translation of these words is “I am a very, very stupid person who is extremely fearful but feel quite powerful when I have my guns on hand.”

Yes, fall is here. I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. It will be over in the blink of an eye.

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