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September 24, 2019: Rise and Shine! Create the Planet you Want to Inhabit!

Planet earth is now dying. All things die, this is a given. I think that in this particular instance that death could be forestalled because we humans are hastening the death of this planet. It is painful to watch – this is worse in many ways than what’s to come, our own demise. The whales are beaching themselves, the coral reefs are dying, animals are going extinct right, left, and sideways. This makes many of us incredibly sad.

The question is what can be done about this? The answer is that we badly need social change. Environmental change will follow suit. Over population is our major problem. All children born into this world are consumers. Every single one of us

Pete and Alys's Recycing bins
Pete and Alys's Recycing bins

starts to consume resources the minute we are born. The children of those who are environmentally conscious are not exempt.

We also need to put a greater emphasis on self-consumption – thinking in terms of needs, not wants. And, we need to curb our spending habits. How we live and spend our time, also need to be considered. Here, we have been putting a lot of time and effort into finding ways of living in a more sustainable fashion – eating home or local grown fruit and vegetables, making and using compost in the garden and on the lawn, and re-using and recycling what we do purchase.

We also need to think about how we might bring about change in our communities. Recycling – only two percent of the dump materials are being diverted. How difficult is it, to make a side trip to the recycling center? Ours is located right next to the Mat-Su Borough Landfill.

My sister Eleanor once remarked that the problem with recycling is on the corporate level. I am thinking this is partially true. We have no choice sometimes, but to buy goods that come in blister packs. Sometimes – there are always other more sustainably based options.

Common sense should be embraced and rewarded for being a social value. A case in point – the other day there was a local gathering, one in which locals assembled to protest climate change. Pete and I didn’t go, and because (as he said) we’d be burning carbon fuel in going to town.

“We are primed of every gesture save coming and going.” This was a painting title. It keeps coming back to mind. Witless moving about – I think this is an innate behavior. But we have the capacity to recognize and counter innate behaviors.

Yesterday, I came upon a hunter who was parked at the base of Jim’s Road, taking a photo on his cell phone. He said he was making note of the location. I said nicely that for the past month that he and others have been trashing local trails. “Not me, I’m careful,” he said. “Your tires. They are the problem.” He said nothing, just roared off.

So there are many out there who are not self-reflective and consequently don’t care about the future of the planet. Too bad, they are ruining it for the rest of us who do.

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