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September 21, 2019: Weather Dependent

There are those who are co-dependents. I am weather dependent. A lot of what I do, I do outside. Before I had animals I had days when I did not venture out of the house. I would write most of the day, then read, then go to bed. I’d then do the same the next day, and then the day after. This didn’t happen often, but it happened often enough that I then got to thinking about those who are either physically and/or mentally house bound or as a matter of habit don’t emerge from their dens for days on end. Some go into their heated garages, and from there they drive to and fro, maybe exercising by doing a jaunt around a department or a food store. Their numbers, sad to say, are legion.

Tyra checking out the scarry snake
Tyra checking out the scarry snake

Yesterday it was raining. I got out, of course. Pete and I went for a walk when the rain let up some. We took Tinni and Ryder for a woods walk, for which they were most appreciative. Upon our return, I drove (!) down to the trailhead and cleaned up the mess the hunters left behind – two firepits. I also grabbed the wood that they left in a pile. I took the wood because I figured this might be an invite for others of their kind to start a fire in the same place. As I was working, two ATVs with gun toting, camo dressed hunters went driving up the trail. My heart sank. I wanted to tell them that being on these trails when they’re water sodden breaks them down further. But no, I instead finished my clean up endeavor.

I came home and did yard work. I cut down more brush in the area between my two cabins. I am planning, when the rain subsides, to put compost on the hill. I was pleased to discover 5 spruce trees buried under the brush. The spruce bark beetles are taking out area spruce. I figure getting young ones going will rejuvenate the spruce tree population.

I feel good about my yard work efforts. In addition to making the planet a more healthy, sustainable, and habitable place, I am also contributing to my own physical and mental wellbeing. There is a great deal of movement involved, for sure.

I also did agility with the three mares who were so very eager to do something. I am now using targets in teaching the horses to move from obstacle to obstacle. This is a huge breakthrough for me because it means that, yes, I am now doing autonomously-based training.

Today I will study for a while, and then, though it is raining, I’ll spend some time outside. Pete is now at a meeting at VCRS, the local recycling center.

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