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September 16, 2019: A Discussion with Tinni Fra Helistandi about the Meaning of Life

Today was a good day weather-wise, so I was able to get all the horses out on the trail. I ponied Tinni – took him a longer ways than usual. He had just one single cough, so obviously, he’s much better than he was a month ago. Our conversation follows:

Alys: How are you feeling old man?
Tinni: Just fine.
A: Enjoy today’s outing?
T: Yes. Fall is in the air.
A: Yep. Soon I’ll have to start blanketing you again.
T: I have something on my mind that I need to talk with you about.
A: What’s that?
T: Since you got back from your trip, and brought me home, things have been different around here.

Tinni and the three red heads
Tinni and the three red heads

A: How so?
T: You have been treating me like I am very, very old.
A: Well, you turned 30 in May.
T: Yes I did. I was born in 1989 you know.
A: Yes, I know this. This was some time ago.
T: Time isn’t what we are talking about.
A: What are we talking about?
T: The fact you consider me now to be very, very old.
A: Oh. Well, when we brought you back here you had a nasty cough and you could hardly move. You were very stiff.
T: I had a tough summer. It was very hot and the air was smoky. I was well cared for by your friends, but I missed being here.
A: What do you like about being here?
T: You and Pete love me and take very, very good care of me. The enclosure gate is open in the daytime, so I can either stay in the shelter or go out and graze. And I don’t have to interact with the three redheads if I don’t want to.
A: Are you okay with what you are being fed?
T: Yes. I like it that I’m now getting fed two servings of beet pulp a day.
A: Yes, once in the morning and once in the evening.
T: The only thing that is amiss here is that you sometimes treat me like I have one hoof in the grave.
A: I am sorry. I will do a better job of living for the moment.
T: Yes, when you start to talk about me and treat me like I’m an old duffer, I begin feeling like I’m an old duffer.
A: Okay. I’ll change my ways. You sure did well today, on our ride with Raudi. I asked her to canter and you kept up.
T: Yes. It was fun.
A: Would you like it if I resume riding you?
T: Ponying me or riding me, I’m happy either way.
A: And do you want to be used when I give lessons?
T: It depends on how I’m feeling. Let’s do it this way. If you want to use me for a lesson just open the gate. If I go to the gate then I want to go out. If I stay inside, I’d rather pass.
A: Will do. One more thing.
T: What’s that?
A: You are the best riding horse ever.
T: Thanks. I have a request.
A: What is that?
T: How’s about you give me a bit more of that in-state hay you got yesterday? It is really good.
A: Will do.

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