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September 12, 2019: Facing Life’s Bigger Challenges

I woke up and the first thing I said to Pete was, “the day I’ve been dreading is here.” Every so often I do this. Usually, my sense of dread accompanies having to leave this place and do something administratively related.

I had to go to the Alaska Department of Motor Vehicles because my license expires this year, on my birthday, which is next week. I was made aware of this fact when I was carded at the Alaska State Fair, when entering the Sluice Box. I had up until then thought that simply taking my Smoky Bear baseball cap off and showing them my gray hairs would suffice. Turns out the insistence on the more formal check was fortuitous. If my license had

 Alys leading Tyra in the Playground
Alys leading Raudi in the Playground

expired I’d have to take the driving test over again. The thought of this motivated me to get this taken care of, ASAP.

And I had to go to the dentist and get my teeth cleaned. I scheduled the appointment two days previously, at the end of my last appointment. This summer, I did not take as good of care of my teeth as I do on the home front. I also ate differently, for example, we had dehydrated fruit, which sticks to the teeth, nearly every day.

The day did have its challenges. I went to the DMV on the outskirts of town and discovered that the office moved in 2015. So I had to go to the new office, which is located in the center of town proper. Getting there was stressful – I had to drive through a lot of ongoing construction. Fortunately I was in and out of that place quickly.

I got to the dentist’s office early and they took me in early. I was downright chatty with the hygienist – it never hurts to work at being on their good side. One slip of the ultra-sonic scaler can ruin your whole day. Then, there was the consultation with the dentist, which should have taken place two days previously. I mean, what gives? The news was good and bad. Several spots in my mouth “bear watching,” meaning that if there is further decay, that these areas will need work. Oh Oh. But not immediately. And my front bridge may need to be replaced in the near future. I was also told that the teeth surrounding my fractured tooth are healthy and that I will be able to have a bridge put in.

I returned home happy to have both tasks behind me. Next, I tended to and did agility with ALL the animals. And I had a training-related breakthrough, which was that I could work with the horses, off lead, in the Playground. In the past, my attempts have met with failure because they have begun to mug me simultaneously for treats. I did an experiment and put a bucket with hay in the playground – Tyra and Hrimmi then alternated working with me and eating.

The goats and the dog – all were very interested in doing what I asked them to do, so I am going to keep at it. Way fun. And preferable to doing administrativa.

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