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September 19, 2019: Windows of Opportunity

Pete worked on the goat shed all weekend long, not even taking very many breaks. Most of our other projects are on other parts of the property, so I have not, as I was this weekend, able to observe the process to the degree that I did.

I at times envisioned us working in unison, him doing this or that, and me, doing that or this, working harmoniously, not having to say much of anything. This was not, and will not ever be. This is because I am not a practiced builder, and time is always of the essence. For instance, if I were to have given him an assist, this project would take weeks to complete. And it would in the end look like something designed and constructed by the Little Rascals. Remember them?

Blueberries bagged and ready for the freezer
Blueberries bagged and ready for the freezer

So I instead did other tasks, ones in which I drew upon my main area of expertise, which is taking things apart and cleaning up. I can dismantle things with the best of them, which is why in addition to having a skookum goat shed, we will also have a skookum goat enclosure.

I was most pleased to see that Pete constructed the shed in such a way that it has square openings into which he is going to insert windows. As I told him, and he agreed, you can never have too many windows. And so, last night, he showed me where all these windows are going to be. I’m now invisioning milking Stormy in this clean, spacious dwelling, while we both listen to classical music.

I was not as attentive to what Pete was doing yesterday afternoon because I took advantage of what turned out to be a very small window of opportunity. The sun was shining, so I got all the horses out – rode them on the lower trails. I feel good about the fact that although the hunters have been in abundance in our area, that they have not driven upon, and consequently trashed our trail system. “Our,” no we do not own the trails or land upon which they cross. However, we spend more time on these trails than anyone else. And given that the hunters have trashed every other trail surrounding our system, I feel that I have every right to call Siggi’s Trail, Peaches Loop, and the Tin Can Trail ours.

I had three wonderful outings. I rode Raudi and ponied Tinni on the first. And I rode Tyra, and then Hrimmi on the second and third rides. I also took Ryder with me when I went out on the latter two ponies.

The sky was becoming overcast. Just in case the hunters were around (evidence, there were a few vehicles in the Murphy Road trailhead parking lot), I sang loudly. My being tone deaf – this is the one time when it’s advantageous. I sing loud and picture them all running.

I got home, untacked. It was then starting to sprinkle. And it was raining by the time I finished putting things away and cleaning up the poop. Last night it rained hard. Today it’s raining so-so. I’m going to work inside. But as soon as the sun comes out, I’m heading outside – have to take advantage of the windows of opportunity.

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