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September 3, 2019: Another Ideas Day, Oh Oh

Okay. It appears as though it’s yet another ideas day. I think this one is the first since abandoning the semi-nomadic lifestyle, which I hope in the near future to resume. We have so much going on here. It is overwhelming. And as long as we have ideas, we will continue to be overwhelmed.

Yesterday, I says to Pete, well, I think we are finally getting this place dialed in. Dialed in is a phrase that was coined by those who fix stuff and picked up by those of us who avoid fixing things. It means fixed, running under its own power, on automatic. I used the phrase yesterday – it meant that finally, the place is in good working order.

After going forward and then backikng, Raudi maskes a right turn
After going forward and then backikng, Raudi maskes a right turn.

Pete, when I said this, stood deep in thought for a bit, and then he said no, it is not yet dialed in. This is because his list is far longer than mine right now. He, more so than I do, sees what remains to be done. A lot of it, I ignore.

I have been focused on doing that which is immediate and ignoring other things. For instance, I decided to take the Wilderness Emergency Medicine Technician class at the college, and already I have been studying. And I have been writing trip dispatches, two a day plus my current ones. Pete’s been posting them at night.

Of course my tending to the horses is an ongoing activity. I did get the agility videos done, and Pete posted them. We got the scores this morning. The horses did just fine given that we had so little practice time.

Yesterday afternoon I began hacking away at the weeds on the left side of the driveway, opening up some grazing space for the horses. Yesterday, as I was working, I had an idea -- oh oh – this was to clear out an area and plant herbs for the horses. Then this morning I had this other idea, which was to do a permaculture type experiment, and layer cardboard, compost, and grass seed and herb seeds. I am going to continue with this project, shortly.

My EMT instructor, Dorothy, and her son Logan, and her partner, Steve, came over on Saturday and we gave them the tour. Dorothy has been talking about getting horses, and so it may be that she might in time purchase two Icelandic horses. If she does this, I will end helping her, which I would enjoy. And, I would then have someone in our area to ride with, something that I have wanted for a long, long time.

Perhaps the best idea of all was to take a day a week and organize and tend to things that need tending to, putting the things that I have to do on the back shelf. Thursdays, I decided, would be a good day for this because this is the day after our Wednesday EMT class. We also have class on Saturday, but not this week.

So much to do, so little time to do it. It is indeed, a very good life.

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