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January 24, 2019: A Composite Conversation with Hrimfara

The following conversation took place this morning, as we first went for a ride, hung out by the hitching post, and then, with Tyra, played in the Playground of Higher Learning.

Alys: Hrimfara, you know that spot on your right side is very distinctive.
Hrimfara: Yes, it’s my spot.
A: Where did you get it?
H: My dam, Signy, she determined when I was in her womb that I should have it because she wanted me to in some way stand out. I was a very quiet horse before I was born, so she suspected that I was going to be somewhat reserved. She’s right.

Young Hrimmi on walk in the woods
Young Hrimmi on walk in the woods

A: You also have a splash of white on your forehead and a snip on your upper lip.
H: Yes. And I have four white socks.
A: And it looks as though someone dumped a container of white paint on your butt and it spilled down your legs.
H: Yes. You could say I have all the markings.
A: Remember Rainbow, the dog?
H: I do. She had all the markings too.
A: You know, your breeder, Andrea Brodie, wanted you to be named Depla, the English version of the Icelandic word being spot.
H: Uhh uhh. I have a wonderful name. Hrimfara means Frosty Traveler, and it fits me perfectly. Look at my flank – I even have white hairs mixed in with the red. It looks like frost.
A: You live with a black gelding, a blood red chestnut mare, and a sorrel mare, none of whom have any markings at all. What do you make of this?
H: What they lack in markings they make up for in personality.
A: So do you think that your markings indicate that you have little personality/
H: No. My personality is understated. I’m quiet, calm, patient, and very laid back.
A: And the others?
H: They’re all the opposite. Tinni, the old guy, he’s mellowed out some, but he lets his views be known. Raudi thinks she’s in charge. Tyra is secure in the belief that she’s the athlete of the bunch.
A: What do you foresee your future holds?
H: That’s a very good question. I’d never before thought about this. Well, though I am quiet, I have my likes and dislikes. I very much enjoy pulling the cart, and I hope that we can do more of this when it gets warmer. And I very much enjoy being out on the trail. Pete’s a bit heavy in the saddle, but he makes up for it by being kind and patient. I do not enjoy being in arenas. Going around and around in circles and ending up where you started off makes no sense to me at all.
A: What about agility?
H: Ohhhhh, that’s my favorite thing of all. Did you see what I did today? I backed through the tunnel of love. You didn’t even tell me to do this. But you were on the far side and gave me a treat. That worked out well.
A: If there was any way we could make agility more interesting, what might it be?
H: Differ the types of treats. More breaks would be very helpful. And I so enjoy ending the sessions with something fun, like kicking the ball down the hill.
A: Do the others share your sentiments?
H: You will have to ask them. They will all tell you what they’re thinking because they’re all very outspoken.
A: Might it be said that your spot speaks for you?
H: You are absolutely right.

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