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August 22, 2019: State of the ‘stead Address

Every so often, I write a State of the Stead address – seems a good way of letting my five readers and the general public know how we are doing. This is a post-trip dispatch – read and enjoy.

This has been a big year thus far, beginning with Pete and my taking a Wilderness First Responder class and then preparing for an epic three month adventure down in America. We subsequently did this trip, and after having many, many adventures, we returned home safely, dogs and horses in tow. My sister Eleanor called this my entourage.

 We're fencing in a goat pen for baby goats
We're fencing in a goat pen for baby goats

Upon arriving home, we discovered the horse enclosure was full of weeds (mainly knot weed), and promptly removed them, by hand, rake, and scythe. The horses, who have yard privileges, made up for what they considered to be a feeding deficit, by eating the knot weed in the yard.

We didn’t hit the ground running, but rather at a fast, sustained trot. One of the first orders of business was to harvest the orchard produce. Though it was a hot summer, we ended up with a bumper crop of strawberries, raspberries, saskatoons, black currants, and cherries. Pete made raspberry jam and we shared his cherry pie with friends. We also went blueberry picking up at Dick Stoffel’s homestead, and so now we have enough fruit on hand to last us through the winter.

We macro-organized – cleaned up and put away our trip gear. We are still behind on laundry, but this is a constant. We are behind on getting firewood in, and this is not a constant. Pete’s on it. Yesterday he cut down a few trees on the property and today will start moving the rounds.

We got a load of fresh hay in the barn – this weekend we’ll get some more if the rain holds off. It’s held off all summer, so more than likely the crop won’t get wet.

The inn is full. Tinni (the old horse) and Stormy and Ranger are home. It didn’t take them long to adjust to being back. Supposedly, Stormy is pregnant. If she has a male I’ll name it NOAA and if it’s a girl, Perfect Stormy. We still need to pick up the chickens, Thelma and Louise. I am planning on getting two more – Serenity and Grace.

I had decided to wait a week before resuming riding, but I instead resumed riding a few days ago. Pete and I went for an outing on our trails and to Grizzly Camp with our friends the Sihlers. Their horses and our horses were lively but manageable. Yesterday I went for a more lengthy ride on Raudi and did the entire Grizzly Camp loop. The trail is as dry as it has ever been, making for a quick trip. Pete and I then rode Tyra and Hrimmi up to the bench – Hrimmi reminded me of her dam, Signy, as she motored up hill – very fast, with long strides.

As for financial matters, the governor, as promised, has cut the state budget in a second round of vetoes, but not as drastically as before. So Pete has a job, for at least this year. We do have a deficit, but it is not in the trillions as it is for the US of A. I do need a new vehicle – I was reminded of this when upon my return, Fireball XL5’s engine failed to turn over. Our plan is to purchase an old Jeep and fix it up.

So, in conclusion, yes, we are doing amazingly well. And should you stop by and visit, we’ll drop what we are doing and share our berry crop with you.

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