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August 21, 2019: Varied Berries

I says to Pete, “Pete, we have three weeks to do three months of work around this place.” And so, undaunted, this is what we are doing. If I think about it, I am less intent on the task with the big picture. So I don’t think about it; rather, I just focus on the task at hand.

One of our priorities has been getting in our winter supply of fruit. We did not have house sitters who were interested in gardening this summer so we did not have a garden. Too bad. No root crops. But, fortunately, carrots and potatoes as well as other root crops grow well around here, so we should be able to fill the larder. I know that at the end of the Alaska State Fair, Bushes Bunches, who have a healthy foods booth smack dab in the middle of the Fairgrounds, will be selling boxes of vegetables at near giveaway prices.

Pete was wise to put in an orchard. And, the house sitters watered judiciously. So we came home to an orchard area filled with currents, raspberries, and Saskatoons. And there were enough cherries on the new tree to enable him to bake a cherry pie, which we shared with friends.

Yesterday, our deciding to go and pick blueberries was a near spontaneous decision. I suggested it, and Pete after reprioritizing, agreed that it was a good idea. We then deliberated some about where we might pick, most areas either being picked over or too far away. Pete

picking berries

View into Valley to the west of Mat Gacier

had a brilliant idea which was to call our friend Dick Stoffel who has a blueberry field adjacent to his property, off the Glenn Highway.

The area was easy to get to and the blueberries were close to the path, ripe, and plentiful. We started picking at about 1:30 p.m. and did not stop until 7:30 p.m. We filled six 1.5 quart containers. After, we went for a hike up the trail adjacent to the blueberry trail. In minutes, we were able to see mountains in all directions, lakes, and pastures.

When finally, we stopped at the top of a hill, we saw that the trail keeps on going. I am itching to go riding out there – this ride would be right up there with some of the ones we did this summer. The problem is that hunting season will begin in a few days and so the ATV traffic on the trail is going to be heavy.

I am hoping (at least) that Dick will be going up his place sometime this week so that I can pick more berries. Pete’s going to be too busy. Classes start next week.

It’s still smoky here. There is a faint haze and it smells like the morning after an evening’s campfire. It’s the redolent smell of wood and everything else, including the items in people’s homes.

Folks, climate change is real. And what are we doing about it? It’s sort of like being on the Titanic except there are no life rafts. In other words, going down with the ship. In the meantime, the berry harvest is continuing. Today I’m going to pick more currants.

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