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August 9, 2019: If We Lived Here . . .

We would be home now. How cool would this be? There would be no major trips up and down the Alcan or the Cassiar Highways. The roadside scenery rivals that anywhere in the world. However, you’ve seen one black bear, you’ve seen them all. Maybe not. This morning I saw a black bear mama sow and her three, count ‘em, three cubs by the side of the road. They were all a little too close to the road – I hope they exhibit good common sense and head back into the woods where they’ll be safer.

The search for a decent place to spend the night started at 3 p.m. and ended at 7 p.m. at the Tatogga Lake Lodge. It’s always harder to find horse accommodations on the Cassiar Highway because there are fewer than there are on the more heavily travelled Alcan Highway.

Cabin porch kitchen

If we had panels (we still do not) we’d have even more accommodation flexibility and be able to camp in more places. We did check out one gravel pit – it was down an open road. It was raining. I didn’t see any places to highline.

So we continued on, stopping at Tatogga Lake lodge. The fellow at the front desk, older, white hair, wearing outdated aviator glasses – he suggested we go down the road adjacent to the lodge – he added that there was a pen on the right hand side of the road and that we could put the horses in there. We thanked him and went to check this out. We drove the trailer a quarter of a mile down a gravel road, then got out and checked out the situation. The pen that this clerk was talking about was a former chicken run. In order to access it, you had to walk through a rubbish-filled shed with small doors. The windows had been knocked out so there was glass on the floor.

Pete and I poked around. There were a handful of small cottages on the side of the road and tucked into the woods. All were in a state of disrepair. But there was, at the base of the road, Tatogga Lake. And in the distance were snow covered peaks. I heard some loons, saw ducks flying overhead. It was a peaceful, calm place.

I just wanted to turn the trailer around and go elsewhere after I’d checked out the chicken coop. Then again, I just wanted to stay after I’d checked out the lake. In fact, I could imagine myself living here – buying the property, tearing out all the buildings, putting up a few new ones, and putting in a garden.

We did stay. We high lined the horses to nearby spruce trees and set up camp on the front porch of an A-Frame. We looked in the windows of this and other places – the doors were locked. No matter, we weren’t wanting to break in because all this and the other cabins contained was garbage.

I so badly wanted to make this place my own. However, the best I could do was have it be my own for one night.

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